Tuesday, January 05, 2010

POTD - Light pole

Light Pole -  by Kristin Corlett

An interesting light pole at the Crab Shack in the Tampa, FL area.  I think that's a flood gauge on the pole - that's what drew me to this photo.  I love rusted things with numbers on them.  Clocks, thermometers, rulers...



Ruth Ann said...

Very cool! Just wondering....do you alter these (brighten) them in photoshop before you post them on your blog? They look fantastic! Hope you're keeping warm. I just cleaned about 6 inches off of my car! I'm going to stop and get some really cool photos this afternoon! There is this cliff a couple miles away that has the most fantastic icesicles (I cannot spell today)...I'll post the pick later! Have a great day!

Ruth Ann said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I totally butchered that spelling! lol I don't think I have ever had to spell "Icicle" before! lol Now I know! lol

jennifer said...

You have no idea what a downer it is for me to not be able to look at your photography because of my bloomin' computer problems. SO not fair.

OK. I'm done griping (ish). Hugs Kristin!