Monday, January 25, 2010

Water, Sun and Audio

The sun was shining so brilliantly today and I was out running errands.  I was also listening to the few remaining CDs from the audio book I rented last week.  I have been spending a lot of time in the car lately just to hear the end of the book, so while I was sitting in the car at the grocery store, I noticed the way the pond was positively sparkling under the rays of the sun. 

I thought about returning the CD on Sunday when the darn thing was due - but I decided to keep it a few more days and just pay for the extra week.  I wanted to hear the end.  When I've read the book, I get a little excited reading it and I know I gloss over some of the details just hoping to get to the next part. 

My condo is on the other side of the water - the taller 5 story buildings.  I really do enjoy looking at this pond, from both sides!  I claim that I don't like the water, but I do like the way it changes each day and actually, each hour.  The sunrise looks different on the water than the sunset.  High noon, as it looks in these photos looks totally different than it does at 4pm. 

Did you know that you can rent books on CD (and to some extent cassette tape) at your local Cracker Barrel Restaurant?    You can rent them from one CB and drop them off at any of their other locations.  This makes it perfect when you are traveling.   The books are all very current - usually the best sellers list from the past year.

I watch with fascination at the way the wind whips around the plumes of water.  I'm so happy that the camera was able to catch the water mist that created a long wispy tail.  From my perch on the 5th floor of my condo, I sometimes use my camera to see what the water is doing, but for the most part the birds eye view is pretty good all on its own. 

If I had a long drive each day or several days a week, I might start checking out audio books at my local library.  Strike that - I would do it.  I love to have someone talking to me while I'm in the car.  Usually I listen to talk radio, but when I'm on a road trip I need a book.  I've had several favorite audio books, but the one that was by far the most fun was "Losing It" by Valerie Bertinelli.  She read the audio book, so it was like having a girlfriend sitting in the passenger seat telling you a story.  It was great.  That one, unfortunately was abridged, but I made an exception because it was a short trip and I really wanted to hear that book.

Sunshine, water, fountains and audio books.  Sometimes you just never know what I'm going to put together :)  

I hope you have a delightful week! 


Ruth Ann said...

Great photos! I'm totally drooling! I MUST COME TO FLORIDA! lol Have a great week!

jennifer said...

I've always liked the water - not in the swimming, beaching way but to just sit and think. My favorite is the beach this time of year. Deserted and peaceful. I feel like the whole ocean is there for just me.

I have only listened to children's books on audio but the book by Valerie Bertinelli appeals to me. Diet books can be repetitive and hard to get through but audio might make it more interesting!

Just Breathe said...

The pictures are so pretty. I love Florida. Glad your weather is better. I'm like never in my car, I know that if I had a long drive to work I would listen to books.

Loria said...

I love the blue sky and water. I miss the summer so much right now. I'm counting down the days.