Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friday Fragments

Last week when I posted my Friday Fragment post, I gave a big sigh and closed the lid on my laptop waiting until 9pm so I could add my link to Mrs. 4444's bloghop.  I was so happy to have my post done and to visit everyone.  Little did I know that my computer would slip into a coma moments later and there would be no more computer time for me for the next 5 days.  Thank you to Mrs. 4444 for adding my link to the bloghop and for all of you folks who visited me.  I am truly grateful for the visits.

Today's photos are from the Kalkaska, MI area and probably all within the county of Kalkaska.  Enjoy!


Why is it when I have a horrible headache, I feel the need to pluck my eyebrows?


While I am in the drivers seat, my camera lens is often seen peeking out my car window at stop lights, but today I saw someone who had a pair of binoculars.   They were so engrossed in what they were looking at that they held up traffic for quite some time -- maybe 10 car lengths.  That's an eternity in traffic time!



I have a black polar fleece jacket that I love, but you'd think I never ever washed it because it always looks like it was tossed in a bucket of lint.  So I have decided that I want a jacket the color of lint.  There's only one problem.  I don't know what is the color of lint?  Do you?


My Mom left town for an extended weekend.  Funny how having Mom's house to myself in my 40's just isn't the same as when I was in my teens.  I don't plan on having a party while she's gone, that's for sure!



Bob asked me to go with her on a trip to France next year.  We were so excited but just days before she came to Michigan to visit she found out that the trip was cancelled because not enough people signed up.  So now we are in a quandary.  I really liked the idea of a group trip (because my Rome trip was so successful) but neither one of us knows of another group that's going on a cool trip.  I'm thinking that the two of us have enough vacation savvy that we can probably plan a trip for ourselves, but don't be surprised if in the next year I continually ask about your favorite destinations.

So what has been your favorite vacation destination?  (I couldn't wait)


Have a wonderful weekend! This is my last weekend in Michigan for this year, so I'm going to make the very best of it.


Mrs4444 said...

I love that "Stupid Dog Crossing" sign, because our dog has become pretty stupid in the past couple of years (he likes to chase cars now.)

Ah....the colors of fall!

I'm not sure of the color of lint, but I look forward to seeing your new jacket :)

Have a wonderful last weekend in Michigan and a safe ride home!

lisleman said...

hey we should have a big blogger party at your mom house - I'll take off my shoes and promise not to mess things up.
Lint comes in multiple light colors.
vacation destination overseas - Lake Bled Slovenia - beautiful place.

Ann in the UP said...

Wahoo! Party time in Lansing! Actually I'm spending the weekend with sisters and daughter, so I'll be at a party.

Stupid Dog crossing! Priceless!

Lint color, shades of grey with some red and yellow flecks.
Destination--Paris. The most civilized city I've ever been in. (Everyone was pleasant and kind too, though we are Obviously American.) Though quiet. said...

lovely photos, hope your comp is working again!

Jene said...

Great pictures, and great sign! LOVE the "stupid dog."

I would get a gray jacket if you want to match the lint. I used to have that problem with white cat hair on anything dark colored. Although, my dryer lint is kind of gross, so if I wanted to match that it would have to be the color of dirty dishwater with pieces of random strings and cheerios.

At this point I'd be happy to get out of my own city, and I haven't been anywhere super interesting, so I'm not help on the vacation front. Hope you find somewhere good!

Katharine said...

Great picture! I love the fall colours...I haven't linked a post today, but I love reading the fragments!

brainella said...

Maybe having a headache makes eyebrow plucking less painful? :)

That first picture is gorgeous and makes me want to fly up to New England and roll in the leaves.

My favorite trip destination. Hmmm...London and Paris were both amazing, but I think our Hawaii trip was the best.

Have a lovely weekend!

42N said...

The Traverse City and sand dunes area is fantastic. We have been there many times in the summer. I have ancestral kin roots in that area. Beautiful country.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Love the sign! Aren't all dogs stupid? Hmmm...color of lint? I guess it depends.
I'm sorry that your trip got cancelled. I hope you find something even more fun!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the colors in that first photo. What, no wild parties? Things do change don't they. Like the dog crossing sign, very different. I haven't traveled the world but if you haven't been to Mt. Rushmore it's really awesome.

Joe said...

Really like all the pic's!

Do you know if I can find a sign like that for people? :)

Eternal Instants said...

My favorite pic is the first one! I just love the transition of colors... from the beautiful blue sky, to the fall reds, yellows, and browns on the changing trees, to the ultimately favored green grass! It's making me want to go outside right now!

Embrace the last moments of your current local... And prepare for a grand new venture!

mub said...

Instead of a black fleece you need a heather gray one. It sorta looks like lint and it's a little mottled so it hides a LOT!

I don't have any France advice, but if you're in The Netherlands I can point you to some good spots!

qandlequeen said...

I love the colors of the first picture, but the stupid dog crossing definitely strikes my funny bone! Glad your computer is up and running. Nothing is worse than dead computer issues.