Sunday, October 17, 2010

multiple system failure

Sometimes it is so great to get a break.

You plan for it.

You arrange for things to happen in your absense.

Then you sit back and relax and enjoy the break from the routine.

Othertimes the word "multiple system failure" pops up.

This is usually cause for small amounts of panic.

I am not normally a panic type of person but when it comes to blogging and not being able to do it, I have to admit I paniced.

On Thursday right after I posted my Friday Fragment my compter died - No warning.

Friday morning I got up bright and early and took my compter into the Authorized Apple repair place.

After a fun day of shopping in IKEA with my sister I finally called the Authorized Apple Service place and was told that my computer was sent to a main Apple repair place due to Multiple System Failure.

My phone doesn't have spell check and I can't seem to find out what line I'm on when I'm typing so no more phone blogging for me.

Wish my little MAC a safe journey and one that brings her back whole...before I leave Michigan. I don't think I can leave the state without her.

I didn't plan on taking a blogging break so please forgive me.

It hurts me more then it hurts you :)



42N said...

I wish you and your MAC a safe journey home. When not posting be sure to photo document everything. Sure would like to see Michigan water if you get a chance.

Mike Golch said...

Life Happens,see ya when we see ya.

Ann in the UP said...

Whatever shall you do without us? Besides taking pictures and enjoying your family, that is.

Make the best of it and store up great stuff to tell us later. You know we'll miss you.

I didn't think Macs ever pulled that sort of trick on their owners!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Something I often fear because I love to blog. I am so sorry and hope that your up and running in no time. ((HUGS))