Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rural Route Motels

I'm back from my travels.

I slept in my own bed last night.

Although I only had one truly awful bed on the road and that was in a motel of questionable character.  I knew it was going to be iffy going into it, so it's my own fault.  (I didn't photograph where I stayed.)

I saw some really great motel signs on the way home.  These three (Hi-Way, Candlelight and Ozark) were all within a few miles of each other.  I almost didn't stop at the first one, but turned around and went back.  When I saw the other two, I was glad I had stopped.   It was totally worth it.  I think all three of these places were open - some day I'll have to look into staying in one or at least touring a room or two.

The sun was right overhead and since there was very little time lapse between the hotels I had the same lighting issue with all three.  Too bright.

Look at the sky - there wasn't a cloud anywhere to be seen.  It was hot and bright.  What a difference from Michigan, even though I had really great weather in Michigan, too.

I saw so many old Coca-Cola signs on my last jaunt and I thought about stopping to take a picture of every one of them.  Then I noticed that I had only minimal battery left.  


What kind of photographer doesn't have a fully charged battery?!!

So this was the only coke sign I captured.  I really liked that the post is the same color as the coke sign and neither one of them is red.  They are very orangy.

What a great trip to Michigan and back.  I know I whined about my computer dying and then allergies which turned out to be a cold - but I had a blast.  My dear friend Bob came to my birthday party and stayed the weekend.  I went out to dinner with a different friend or family several nights each week.  I even had a slew of lunches with friends.  I saw people I hadn't seen in years, traveled out of Lansing for a weekend, took a few hundred photos, went to a cider mill, got my computer repaired and hung out with my family.   They say you can never home again, but I think you can.  I loved it.

Thank you everyone who visited with me, put me up and put up with me :)



jb said...

I love you

42N said...

What a trip and great album of photo work!!

Lisa said...

Glad you enjoyed some much needed family and friends time. Really enjoyed the photo documentation as well.

Ann in the UP said...

Just a tip about the motels. It's not a good sign if they make you pay by the hour....

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I know you had a few issues while you were gone but it sounds like it was a wonderful trip. Love these signs. The older the better if you ask me. So glad you are safe and sound. After my 5 days in Chicago I can say it was awesome going home!