Thursday, October 07, 2010

My first day

My sister and her husband decided to clean out the garage today since they were both home.  It hasn't snowed yet and it was a gorgeous day, so it was a great day to clear it out so that the cars could be garaged this winter. My Mom and I decided to watch the kids so Jim and Alison could knock out the garage in a day.

Zora had school today, so we just had Stella and Scarlett.  For my first day back home, two was good :)

We went for a walk around the block at one point so the kids could burn off some of that energy.  Stella didn't bring a coat, so she's wearing one of Nana's. 

Scarlett rode in the stroller for about half the trip and walked the rest.  Every driveway and every front walkway she wanted to walk on. It was like the sidewalk could not contain her as soon as another path came into view.  She's going to turn a year old in two weeks and she just walks with such confidence.

Stella rode in the stroller for about a minute and then ran like the wind.  She loves to run.

We stopped and talked with a neighbor and Scarlett kept handing her leaves.  One after another. 

Although worn out a bit from the walk, our outdoor time wasn't over.  To the sandbox we went.  Stella dug and played and watered and laughed.  Scarlett ate sand.  She's got her mouth all crooked in this photo and that's because she trying to chew that dry sand.  Crazy kid.

A few moments after she got out of the sandbox, Scarlett fell face first into a pile of acorns, scratched her nose and scuffed up her cheek.  I just brushed her off and she went on her way.

I had her sitting on the table right in front of me.  She was about a foot away from the lens of the camera and she allowed me to take a few dozen shots of her playing with the bead bracelet.   Thanks Scarlett!

Once Zora came home from school I never got a change to pick up the camera again, but I'll get Zora in some shots soon. Oh and Jim and Alison's garage looks incredible.  The before and after shots are awesome and the cars will be snow free each morning this winter. 

Have a great day!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Enjoy your time with them. They are adorable!

Lisa said...

Oh my, how they've grown. Looks like a great day. Enjoy your time with them. I bet they are loving having their Aunt K there!

Nick said...

Your shot of Scarlett and her necklace is priceless. Great shot Kristen!

Nick said...

OOPS That's ...Great shot Kristin! :)

Ann in the UP said...

Nick is right. That's a great picture. The kids keep getting cuter and cuter!

Looking forward to Zora, too. Kids and leaves. Kids really know how to enjoy them!