Wednesday, October 06, 2010

No wind, No rain

No wind, (No wind) no rain, (no rain)
Nor winter's cold
Can stop me, babe (oh, babe) baby (baby)
cause you are my love

Ain't no mountain high enough
Nothing can keep me, keep me from you

Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough (one more time)
Ain't no river wide enough (say it again)
To keep me from you

I decided I was going to start off this post by saying "No wind, no rain, no fog" but then I got the Supremes song (Marvin Gaye song) stuck in my head.  So I decided to start off with that.

I had one of the most enjoyable drives to Michigan ever.  The weather was perfect, there was almost no road construction slow downs, no road rage from my part or anyone around me and I saw just a precious few troopers and none that wanted to pull me over.

The only heart leaping moments happened in Michigan of course.  I was two cars behind a semi truck on a stretch of road that was narrowed down to one lane.  The truck either hit an orange barrel or the darned thing was already bouncing when the pick-up truck in front of me all of a sudden veered off into the grass.  I saw the bouncing orange barrel and swerved the other way a little, but quickly realized that the barrel was following the pick-up out into the grass. Crisis averted.

Then as I was just a few miles from my Mom's house, I noticed that all of the cars in front of me all of a sudden darted out from an object in the middle of the road.  It was a dishwasher! and the guy who lost it off of his trailer was on the side of the road hoping to get a break in traffic so he could haul it out of traffic.

Since I didn't have any photos of the orange barrel or of the white dishwasher, you'll just have to look at the photos of things that did catch my attention while I was on my road trip.

I have plenty more photos of the drive, they'll be coming up for the next few days.  I even have photos inside my little camera, but I realized this evening that I brought the wrong cord for it.  I'll have to find one.  I took most of my "in car" shots with that little camera, so I could drive and click without my eyes leaving the road :)

 All of the photos shown here are from today's drive from Cincinnati, OH to Marion, IN.

One of my joys of this trip was once again seeing Keetha. She lives in Indiana and since I drive right by her place I decided that I had to stop. It's so much fun meeting up with blogging friends, who turn into real life friends. I didn't realize we had the old tree trunk between our heads. I thought we had the backdrop of the fall colored tree. Oh well, that's Keetha and I. She already blogged about our meeting, here. Her friends Brunhilda and Borris were there today, too and they blogged about our meeting here.

Have a great day!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I was so excited when I heard you visited with Keetha. So glad you got to visit with her again. So glad you avoided the troubles on the road. Love the empty abandoned
building with the vines and the signs you passed are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Well, we DID get the colorful tree behind our heads - - - - and the "spike" too!

Was so fun to see you again!

42N said...

Must be a cosmic alignment in the works. Keep publishing your blog as you visit Michigan.