Friday, October 08, 2010

Woodland creatures

Part of my road trip photos - these were taken somewhere in South Carolina.  I think I was on SR 15 east of I-26 but I honestly can't remember.  The sun was getting low in the sky, I do know that.

Anyway, I saw what looked like an old drive-in theater with no screen, but when I passed I looked over my shoulder and saw a mural, so I turned to further investigate.

Yep, it was a tree with some woodland creatures.

I immediately created a story in my head of a young boy who used this as his fort.  He created rooms inside the movie screen and each of the holes were used as a doorway or a window.  He imagined himself at a baseball stadium and this was actually the giant scoreboard at the back of the field.

When I stepped back I realized that the tree in the mural might just be the tree growing right there.

All of a sudden the sun came peeking through one of the windows and the boy in one of the greatest forts ever, smiled because he loved being in there when the sun set.

Have a great day!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sweet story in your mind. Very interesting sight to see, so glad you took a picture of it.

Ann in the UP said...

Very cool use for the old screen! I always think seeing deserted drive-ins is a little sad.