Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Old Town Lansing

It seems like a month ago that I went to a neighborhood called Old Town, which is in North Lansing.  It's an artsy neighborhood with lots of character.

There are gift shops and antique shops.  Places to eat and places to browse.  There are places for the kids to play and places for the adults to play.

There is a great feeling about Old Town and I always enjoy going there.

My sister has worked in several shops in Old Town, but my favorite place was the frame shop & gift store.  The owner has since moved and set up his shop in Chicago, but when I go to old town I think of his cool place and how many more cool places have moved in.

I love all the art galleries in Old Town.  I was there before most of them opened, but I hope to go back this weekend so I can browse.

The Fish Ladder banner was so cool - The words are actually just cutouts.  You may notice that the background shows right through - the fish is blue because it's the sky, the ladder is greenish yellow and the tattoo is brick yellow. 

The seating area above and the open sign below are from a gift shop called Tallulah's Folly.

Fall flowers and squash - there is just something wonderful about it.  I especially like that these are outside decorations around a business entrance.  It's gorgeous.

Can't have an artsy neighborhood without an artsy bench!

I love Lansing.  There is something lovely to see at every turn. 

More to come :)


denise said...

so many lovely photos (as usual!) looks like a town i'd love to visit (and photograph!) thanks for taking us on the journey!

upannie said...

Old Town looks beautiful through your eyes. I love the bench! And the fall displays outside the businesses are really pretty.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love old towns with unique shops.
The pictures make me feel like I am there enjoying myself.