Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Red, Yellow and Blues

I spent several hours this morning driving around trying to find fall.  Well, actually I was trying to find the best fall colors I could possibly find, without having to drive hours away.

This photo is of the tree at the school right by my sister's house.  The reds in that tree were just spectacular.  I actually took this the night before, as this is sunset.

Right by my old house (the one where I grew up) is a lovely dirt road and I just knew there were going to be a lot of beautiful trees along that drive.  Since the road wasn't busy, I was able to park in the road, get out, take a photo and hop back in the car.  I loved this path with all of the yellow leaves.

This is that dirt road.  It used to be a really dirt road, but it looks like it's been oiled and compressed because it was very solid and not dusty.  The trees sure do make for a pretty picture.

This was in someone's yard.  I'm assuming it's a little shed of some sort.  It was too far off the road to be a school bus stop shelter.

I didn't crop out the car or house from this photo because I was imagining myself driving up to this view and parking next to that shock of color.  It almost makes me want to move home again.   

Almost :)

The Blues Brothers.

I haven't a clue why these two are hanging out in front of this house, but they are.  I told Bob that I would go back and take a picture of them and I did!  I did, Bob -- see? :) 

Bob also mentioned when I was driving her all over the place, that the fields and the trees are just different here.  I'd have to agree.  I love this look.  I grew up seeing the brown plowed fields and the mixture of colors in the trees each fall.  It's Michigan.

I've had another fabulous day and it's been busy from beginning to end.  I took photos in the morning and went to Uncle Johns Cider Mill with my sister, BIL, kids and my mom in the afternoon.  We had a blast!  (Photos coming soon)  Then dinner with my mom right after the cider mill adventure.  The days seem to be just jam packed, but it's great.

Saturday Sampling

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Hope you're having a great day!


Ann in the UP said...

The best color I've seen so far. If I take leaf pics now, they'll have to be shuffling through the leaves pictures.

I'm pouting again.

jb said...

Yea! Jake and Elmo! I think it is Elmo...Elmer?
Whaddaya want fro nothing? A rubber biscuit?!
Curl Up and Dye!
Carrie Fisher with a machine gun!
Love the Blues Brothers!
Thanks for the pic!

Rachael said...

Wow, that first shot is absolutely amazing!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The Blues Brothers are funny and different in a front yard! The colors are so pretty but that one you didn't crop is spectacular!

Mrs4444 said...

Gorgeous. Warm. So alive, and yet not! These are gorgeous.

Matty said...

This is autumn at it's best. You really captured the essence of fall.

Heather Pranitis said...

Your pictures are great! I am from Chicago, Illinois and have lived in Arizona since July of 2001 and boy do I miss the color change! Great pics...thanks for taking me back...

Heather Pranitis said...

Oh, and the Blues Brothers...are a bit odd but, I like them - but, then again I am not their next-door-neighbor.

Gale said...

That path makes me want to walk down it...

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I like taking pictures of the pretty leaves with all the splendor of color in the fall too! God does beautiful work!

Found you through Saturday Sampling.