Tuesday, October 26, 2010

POTD - Save the Dam Beach

POTD - Save the Dam Beach
©2010 Kristin Corlett

In Elk Rapids, MI there is a place called Dam Beach.  This log and the sand are a part of that beach.  A fundraiser was started to help save the Dam Beach so I thought I'd steal their tag line and use it as my title.  T-shirt have been made and sold that say "Save the Dam Beach."  What a hoot.  I hope the beach is saved then they could print shirts that said, "I helped save the Dam Beach."


My friend Lori who took me to this spot said this on the FB post ---"...don't forget the other story - the kids want it back open for fireworks so their slogan is Give us back the Dam Beach and Open the Dam Beach and they even elect a queen every year to represent them in the parade Miss Dam Beach LOL"


42N said...

I love this photo.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Nice picture. I love the t-shirt idea. Hope they succeed.

Mrs4444 said...

I LOVE it! Poor Dam Beach! Let's go to the Dam Beach. Spent the afternoon at the Dam Beach.

Too much fun!