Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fragments

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! 
to the One Hundred Thirty Third Edition of Half Past Kissing Time's Friday Fragments!


Come on in y'all and listen to these little bits of fun and then run on down yonder to Mrs. 4444s place to go visit more friends and see their bits.  Well, their fragmented bits anyway.  

We always have fun on Fridays - thanks for joining me. 


What major U.S. company's original name was National Biscuit Company?
I didn't realize I knew this little factoid, but I just blurted it out when I was asked.

Highlight the black line to reveal the answer.  (It should work!)


How to make Beef Broth from Food Renegade

I quickly read through this post about Beef Broth a few days before I made some chicken stock and I have to say that I made some really great, thick chicken stock with just a little modification. I'm going to have to reread the Beef Broth post and see what more I have missed.


Some day I will witness this in person.  For now I'll have to just gasp at the beauty.
Lavendar fields forever.


I was discussing email addresses with A Few Clowns Short awhile back and thought of that discussion when I found this little diddy at The Oatmeal.  It made me laugh, although I have several very computer savvy friends who use yahoo.


Valentines Day Printables (for $9.99) from Indie fixx.  All of the monies will be distributed to all of the artists included in the PDF.   It looks like a real nice collection.  I haven't decided yet if I I'm going to buy it, but I am short about three cards for my family, so it would be a great bargain for me.


Free Printable Valentine Bunting from Kind Over Matter.
Free Printable  - fun stickers for your fruits (you supply the sticker paper) from Twig and Thistle.
Free Printable - 28 Free Valentine round up on Kind Over Matter


I did it, I admit it.  I saw some dried spinach still clinging on my wire strainer after it had been both washed and dried and I just put it away and didn't pick off the dried bits.


Do you know that it's nearly impossible to put eyedrops in your eyes when you're yawning?


The photos above were taken by me and then I used the Photodroid process to turn them into retro looking Polaroid images.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Dysfunctional Mom said...

I blurted that answer right out too. Isn't it weird when you know something and don't even know that you know it?
Love the conversation heart pics.
I love that Oatmeal thing! Cracked me up.

Karen and Gerard said...

That black answer line is cool--first time I've ever seen that!

Stopping by from FF.

Jene said...

I actually knew the answer to that, too. Too many hours watching food shows, I suppose.

The Oatmeal rocks my socks.

I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many times I've put strainers away with little bits of pastina still stuck to them.

Have a good weekend!

Caution Flag said...

Well I did NOT know the answer. I'm quick like that. Love The Oatmeal thing. How did they get to know my parents so well? Can't tell you how many times a year we get the call saying, "Having a little trouble with my email."

Mel Fraase said...

I love useless trivia!

I love your edited photo, too, very cool!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

As always the links are the best!
I had fun checking each one out. So many fun things to do. Those lavendar fields are beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend.

CDScott said...

NaBisCo! It's amazing what information we carry around and don't realize it. Cool pics!

qandlequeen said...

I think it's cool how you hid the answer for us. I'm going to try to squirrel that away in my head for future use.

Tettelestai said...

i love that trick, i didn't know the answer, i had to cheat!

your photos are so fun!

mimbles said...

I had no clue re Nabisco.

That lavender pic is breathtaking, I can see why you want to see it in person some day!

John said...

I grew up in North East Philadelphia 3 minutes from Nabisco. It always smelled like cookies were baking..always :)

Oh the lavender; love it!

I wish you a stress free weekend :)

doreen said...

That comment up there was so from me not John...I keep forgetting these book people have g-mail..jeeze...