Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Etsy Shop

I'm plum tuckered out!

I have spent most of the day adding new items to my Etsy shop.  So far I only have nine additions, but I hope to have well over a dozen new items by the time I go to bed.

Here's some of what I listed today, but as always,  I have a banner on the left hand side of my blog where you can see some of my Etsy items.  You can click on the banner and be taken to my site, too.  Easy as pie :) 

Yum.   Pie.

Some of the photos are in frames, but the frames are not included, just a suggestion.

Wouldn't the Toilette sign look fantastic in a giant ornate gilded frame?  I used that frame as a joke, but I think it looks great!

I find that it takes me forever to list one item.  Not sure if it's because I'm just painfully slow or if I maybe have too many distractions.  I copy from another listing so I don't have to start from scratch, otherwise it would take me days to list just one item!

It's days like this, when I spend all day doing something that I could easily hire out, that I wonder why I don't!    Maybe I could get a high school kid to get them all set up for me.  I bet it wouldn't take them but two or three hours and I could spot the edits right away. 

I could probably hire out my house cleaning, laundry and dinner making, too!  But I guess I don't do that either.  

I'd love to have a driver that would take me out and about and stop whenever I wanted to take a picture.  It would be great if the driver knew the back roads and offbeat places around here.  I try to explore but I know I'm missing a lot of really neat spots.

Thankfully some of the best things are indeed right in plain sight.

Great News!  The FedEx guy just now arrived with my newest photo shipment.  I ordered some 16 x 24 photos and they are just gorgeous!!  I ordered the Gala Apples, Chair on the Edge and the Yellow House with Sunflowers in that large size.

I hope you have a wonderful day and if you are in the midst of the snowstorm, I hope you got some photos and stay warm :)



lisleman said...

I never noticed that etsy shop on your sidebar. I'll take a look.
As you were listing your wishes you forgot to include
"I'd love to be Queen"

Dysfunctional Mom said...

How about you just hire me as your personal assistant? I'll do it all!

Lisa said...

Yay for updating the Etsy shop. It's been on my to do list since Christmas. You've motivated me. I hope to work on it today and tomorrow if work slows up a bit.

Playing catch up, have 12 posts to read. BRB. :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Of course you do know I'm sure that when toilettes is spelled that way it refers to personal items used for cleanliness AND the process of bathing oneself and NOT to the commode, right?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I saw them as you posted them. I have to go and look at them again.
They are all awesome shots. It takes me forever to do my Debby's Tree posts because I frame each photo in photobucket and then put the information about the orn. on each one. It's exhausting! Have a nice weekend. Think of all the time we would have if we could have all that help. That's why I want to be a Queen!

Mrs4444 said...

I've been thinking about printing a few photos. I haven't done so in years. Any suggestions?