Tuesday, February 01, 2011

POTD - Barbed Wire in the City

POTD - Barbed Wire in the City
©2011 Kristin Corlett

At the exact moment that my husband was getting the forklift stuck in sandy soil and needed a hand, I was standing behind a car, next to the dumpster, taking pictures of barbed wire.  My Dad has a scar just above his knee that's from a barbed wire fence.  In LaCrosse, Kansas they have a Barbed Wire Museum that showcases over 2000 different varieties.  Sometimes barbed wire is called barb wire or even bob wire.  I call my best friend Bob, but I don't think that bob wire is going to become a part of my speech. My husband got some help getting the forklift unstuck.  The man who owned the neighboring business came to the rescue since he couldn't find me.  :º) 

I will work for photography, but unsticking (stucking?) forklifts is not part of my job description. 


Ann in the UP said...

Unsticking fork lifts doesn't sound like an easy job for anybody!
What is "your" barbed wire protecting?

Caution Flag said...

How do you unstick a forklift?

lisleman said...

good decision on the forklift!
I believe barb wire was invented in Illinois.
to answer "Caution Flag's" question - (depending on what it is stuck into) typically a steak knife can set it free.
Hey I have a special picture posted today - take a look.

Lisa said...

Forklifts can be troublesome. We have one, its helps hubby lift engines in and out of cars. It rarely leaves the concrete floor of the garage though, it gets pretty stuck, pretty easily.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love the barbed wire with the sky in the background. Great shot!