Friday, February 18, 2011

Jacksonville Car Show

My husband has his Monkey Bars booth at the car show this weekend.  It makes sense, but today a whole lot of people just walked past without even glancing our way.  I really dislike working these shows, really really really dislike it, but I do go for a few hours so my husband can get something to eat, walk around, and chat with people.  Tonight I stayed for about 3 hours.

I was happy to find some interesting sights, that's for sure.  The van that was parked right next to our booth (the first photo)  was so COOL!  It was a $72,000 van!  It was gorgeous, seats 7, all leather interior, a pretty big TV was located in the built up roof of the van.  It was a pretty spectacular van, but Tom and I cannot imagine who is the prospective buyer of such a thing.  It seemed to be designed to watch TV. 

Then I saw this girls with the matching hair and shirt.  I loved it.  I had to pretend to take a photo of a car in order to get this shot :)  I felt so sneaky!

This Porsche race car was pretty cool  I was quite surprised just how wide and how long it was.  I guess I didn't realize how much space these things actually take up. 

I took photos of more cars, but the lights in the convention center make for some distracting photos.  I'm going to try again tomorrow when I go back to help out once again.   Not that the lighting is going to be any different, but maybe I'll feel differently :) 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Rebecca said...

I've seen some interesting stuff at Walmart but chickened out on taking a photo because I am just not that sneaky.....Good for you being sneaky....colorful!

jennifer said...

I love your sneaky photo. I bet it isn't the first that this chick has had made of her. The colorful hair is a bit wild looking but I like it. Makes me think the lady is a happy go lucky person.

jennifer said...

I am caught up! Yes, I skimmed a bit, I'll admit it. But WOW I was so far behind on reading you. I shouldn't let that happen again, should I? It probably will though, won't it? You'll love me anyway, won't you? Ha!

Love ya Kristin!