Tuesday, February 01, 2011

How to...Calendar Pages

The other day I showed this picture as my Photo of the Day and there was some confusion as to how this calendar was used.  I think my love of post-it notes is legendary, but this is not a Post-It Note calendar.  This is something that I make.

The spiral book is one of the larger sketch books that are almost always on sale at Borders or Barnes and Noble book stores.  I have a love of paper, too, so blank sketch books are an immediate draw!  I had had this book for a few years before I finally found a use for it.  I shouldn't have purchased it before I knew what to do with it, but now that I've made this calendar (since January of 2009) I feel a lot better about the purchase. 

I use the 2" square post-its and lay out 5 weeks, plus some spaces on the top and sides for doodles, phone numbers and the days of the week. 

The past few months I've been using rubber stamps to fill in around the post-its.  The squares are really just place holders for the calendar days. 

I just recently purchased a date stamp.  It's the kind that has the little dials on it so you can change the dates.  I thought it might make an interesting design.  It took longer than I had anticipated to fill in all the blank spaces, but I like it. 

Oh and after much searching, I finally found the post I did in 2009 about the calendar I was making that day.    I really like how the pages have evolved over the two years. 

I usually make just two months at a time, that way I can look ahead and write down events, but I don't want to make them too far ahead because I enjoy thinking about what I'm going to do next.

Have a great day and for all of you experiencing some of that snowy white stuff...Stay warm!


Joye Hampton said...

What a neat idea!!! Love it!!

Ann in the UP said...

Your post the other day and your old post inspired me to do a February calendar. It is pretty basic, but there's room for a cartoon a day. Next month I won't try to squeeze it all onto one sketchbook page. That was dumb.

Never feel bad about buying a blank book. Paper lovers will always use them up----eventually.

Rachael said...

These are so cool! I only use a wipe off board wall calendar now, but I love these. They would make a great gift too!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I like the way the pages turn out.
Thanks for explaining it. I like your one from 2009 too!