Thursday, February 03, 2011

It's group day!

Nearly every Thursday I can be found in a room like this.  Actually, that's the exact room where I hang out.  I don't hang out there alone as this is the room where the Liver Transplant Support Group meets.  There are about 30 people who come each week, both patients and their caregivers.

But do you see this room?  It's really hard to talk together when the room is set up in rows like this.

(If you would like to learn more about organ donation, please visit the Donate Life America website - Thank you)

So within a few minutes of my arrival in the room I totally take it apart and push all the chairs to the center and the tables to the edges.  Somehow I became the unofficial room-putter-togetherer.  I think it's because I tend to come early or maybe it's because I have this little halo over my head.  If someone else arrives while I'm putting the room together then I put them to work!

Guess that dings up that halo I was just talking about!

This is the goal for the room - tables against the wall and the chairs lined up in a giant circle. Today was group day and I was out in the waiting room chatting with a post transplant family and completely lost track of time.  By the time I came into the room it was all set up.  They did a good job!

I taught them well :)

After our one hour meeting it's noon, so that means it's time for lunch!  Sometimes there's just 3 of us and other times we have 20.  I think our average is about 8.   Today we went to the 3rd. Street Diner and I had Spanikopita with a side of tzatziki sauce.   The folks in the kitchen were on their game today because everyone had great food and the Spanikopita (spinach pie) was one of the best ones I've had!  The tzatziki sauce, which is a yogurt, cucumber, garlic and dill sauce, was so good that I brought home a pint.   In March of last year I talked about tzatziki sauce in my Friday Fragments post and gave a recipe, if you're curious. 

Speaking of Friday Fragments, usually I do a FF post at this time but I'm not going to be able to visit the other participants this weekend, so I decided to hold off until next weekend.  You can still go visit Mrs. 4444 and the Friday Fragments crew for some fun though!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Keetha Broyles said...

Much better arrangement for a discussion group!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yes the room does work much better that way. It seems like a lot of work but well worth it. That spinach pie looks so good.