Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

25 Random Things About Me

25. I must read aloud when in an instant message chat with someone. When my husband is home, I do it very quietly.

24. I really enjoy writing letters.

23. I don't use my dishwasher because I love to wash dishes by hand.

22. In Kindergarten my teacher wrote on a progress report that I was always afraid no one liked me. I still think that way.

21. My online persona, Kirby... everyone likes her.

20. I don't like going to bed because I'm afraid I'll miss something, but I love napping.

19. I love going to hotels.

18. I have my sisters name tag from Macy's on my fridge.

17. I do not own a pair of flip flops.

16. I really like writing and think I could be a writer, but I don' t understand English grammar.

15. I don't like the sound of the ocean or running water (like a fountain.)

14. I love to quote movie lines. "The Jerk" is one of my all time favorite quotable movies.

13. I don't know my right from left unless I think of it in terms of driving and turning right or getting into the left-hand-turn lane.

12. I like to read True Crime books

11. I really dislike getting wet. This includes showers.

10. Buying clothes, shoes or purses are real low on my list of things to buy -- Office supplies are so much more fun!

9. I own three pair of shoes, two are tennis shoes.

8. Clowns freak me out.

7. I like to look for and collect bicentennial quarters because they remind me of my Grandpa Corlett.

6. My favorite dishes are the pottery bowls that I have collected from various art fairs, vacation spots, pottery guild sales or local shops.

5. I read billboards, signs and other assorted printed material in the wrong order. I also read things too quickly and add in my own words - for example thinking the Michigan Dyslexic Institute was the Mexican Dyslexic Institute.

4. Wearing a hat gives me a headache almost instantly.

3. I like to drink chocolate milk with three ice cubes.

2. I laugh every single day. Most of the time I do something goofy that makes me laugh.

1. I love to watch the same movie over and over again. I have a rotation of about 10 movies that I would rather watch than about anything else. They are of course, all romantic comedies. (I am watching Music & Lyrics while writing this)

I wrote this for FaceBook, but decided I should post it here, too. I tried not to put anything on this list that I had already posted in my blog -- so that means I couldn't write about my love of the number 22, the time 11:11 or that I loved Sharpies and Post-It notes. I actually wanted to fill up the whole post with things about my family -- so I will have to write up another post titled "25 Random Things that I Love about My Family."



Ruth Ann said...

You're sooo cute! I can't believe you do not own a pair of flip flops! You live in Florida- right?lol
I'm just teasing...I live in boring Pennsylvania and yet own a ton of flip flops! I even wear them sometimes in the winter if there isn't any snow. I always love the reactions people give me when they look at my feet! I also like the movie The's a classic...and clowns freak me out too! Have a great day!
-Ruth Ann

"J" said...

Cool post!!!!
Come on....why would you think people wouldn't like you!!!! You are such a WONDERFUL person!!!!!!

#23..are you crazy?!?!?
I was mad yesterday when I filled the dishwasher and still had dishes I had to hand wash!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Those are great! I hate getting wet too! The worst thing ever is when the tips of my sleeves or pants gets wet. Driving me crazy just thinking about it!

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

These things were beyond interesting! I found myself nodding to several of them. I was born in 1976, so when I waited tables in high school and college I thought the bicentenial quarters were cool because they were made in '76. It's amazing how few of them seem to be in circulation anymore. Probably because you and I have them all...

amyeile said...

I just started mixing up my left and right in the last few years. I gave a bunch of people directions to our house saying it was on the right when it is really on the left, yikes! I think my brain is just too full for the trivial stuff.

I can't believe you don't like to get wet. We spent so much time in the pool at Grammas...and heck you had a pool at your last house.

I don't have flip flops either. I think they are cute and they remind me of summer, but no way can I stand that thing between my toes!

Oh, and not about this, how is your baby sister going to be 30? I still remember your Mom telling that she was pregnant and Alison throwing herself on the floor!