Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Cavalier

No pictures today - Turns out most of the pictures were on my friends cameras! I totally forgot about that - so tomorrow I'll have to see what I actually took.

The Cavalier Hotel in South Beach, FL was a lot of fun, although we had probably one of the most undesirable rooms. Our room faced the garbage and the delivery ramp for the hotel next door. (we decided to just keep the curtain shut.) I stayed up so late the two nights we were there, that I can't honestly say if the beds were comfortable or not...I just crashed. The neat thing about South Beach is that there are about a hundred restaurants - at least one per hotel - on Ocean Drive. We would walk and walk and walk trying to decide which of these incredible looking restaurants we were going to choose. We never picked a bad one. Our hotel was no different, the restaurant was great, the staff was awesome, and according to all of the people that I was there with - the drinks were good. We spent hours on the patio of the Cavalier. For the boys that I was hanging out with, Cocktail Hour was important and took up about 5 hours of the day! Two hours in the early afternoon and three hours in the evening. However, we laughed and talked and laughed and told stories and listened to stories and laughed some more.

I have never stayed in one of those old Art Deco hotels before, so this was a real treat. I loved walking up and down the road looking at all of the architecture, seeing the beautiful lights and enjoying the weather!! Goodness, it was so nice to be in warm weather. I'm glad I got the opportunity to go and spend time with Steve (and all of his friends -- Kalaho, Craig, James, Peter, Jet, Junior and Tim.)

Have a great week!

EDITED: I forgot to mention - the last meal that Steve and I had together...the bill was $22.22


Leigh said...

I LOVE the art deco of that hotel. It is beautiful! What a fun trip, K!I am so glad that you got to go. As for the view...that is the very view that my MIL request for my husband and I when she treats us to a room. I kid you not. And she is serious. LOL.

Ruth Ann said...

The Hotel looks awesome! It's so neat that you got to catch up with all your old friends! I would love to get away like that for a few days! And the warm weather...I'm soo jealous!
-Ruth Ann