Monday, January 05, 2009

The look of stainless

Here is the second edition of Make-Do Mondays hosted by Ann Kroeker. She talks about how a little duct tape has made their dining room table functional for years now. you can read all about it here.

I was changing the trashcan liner in my kitchen today (otherwise known as taking out the trash!) I reached into my cabinet for a bag and immediately knew what I was going to post today. Here's the set up...

I was so tired of looking at the bright yellow box that my favorite trash bags came in, so I took a roll of stainless steel "looking" contact paper and covered the box. I like to keep the trash bags in the original sized box because, well, because they fit! I took the top off the box, so it makes it a breeze to add in new trash bags. I tried a cute basket, a little pail, even a small tray, but the box worked best.
I got the roll of contact paper at Home Depot, but that was only because I was there. I'm sure anyplace where you find contact paper will have this product. You can use any kind of contact paper to cover the box as long as it isn't see-through. The whole goal is to not see the original packaging.

I consider this a Make-Do because it turns something unattractive into something nice looking in a matter of minutes. I have plans to use the remaining contact paper for other box covering projects.

Have a great day!


Ann Kroeker said...

Hey, that's great to make something attractive in the hidden-but-frequented spots of one's house! I had to laugh when you said you reached for a bag and immediately knew what to post for MDM--that happened to me when I changed the tablecloth and saw the duct-taped table underneath. I have the feeling I'm going to walk around the house with Make-Do Mondays on my mind now...

"J" said...

I love it!!! =) You go girl!!!