Saturday, January 03, 2009

PDFs for MACs and Calendars.

I just found this today and have already used it twice - I love it!! If you own a MAC, then you should know about this...It is SO easy!

How can I turn a web page into a PDF? Just Ask Dave Taylor!

Then here's the other stuff I wanted to tell you about...


Have you been thinking about getting a little calendar for your table, or child's room? Here are some really cute free printables.

Zakka Life - miniature community calendar There are twelve little scenes that when put together look like a little community with trees and houses and a Ferris Wheel.

From the Canon website... It's a cow. (I copied off just the first page and put the cow on my bulletin board.) At the bottom of the page are a few other styles, too. But I like the cow best. It prints on 7 pages and is real easy to cut out and tape together.

Schlosser Designs had this as their tutorial for Tuesday - Hexagon Happy. (this is on the side of my fridge right now.) There are two calendars on each 8x11 page. One is is more muted tones and the other has brighter colors. So you can give one to a friend!

I was totally inspired by this persons journal on Flickr - TracyU

Go take a look.

Click on all of the months, go ahead, I'll wait.

I have this large spiral sketch book that has been in my office for a few years, unused, untouched. I usually just look at it and sigh. I WANT to use it!

I've been looking for a calendar for the kitchen for over a month. Nothing clicked. I didn't want anything that I saw. Some were too big to fit on the fridge, others were just too small to write on. Some were so cutesy that I just couldn't look at it all year. So I decided two days ago to use that sketch book, even though it is giant. It's 14 x 11. I think the journal that TracyU uses is 8 x 11. She uses 2" post-its , but all I had were the 3" square ones. So I had to modify Wednesdays. I'll get smaller post-its for next month if this works out for us.

So here is my attempt to make a TracyU inspired calendar.

This is the completed page. Well, sort of - the page will get filled in and will have more fun stuff added - so I guess I should say, this is the beginning of the January calendar.

I placed Post-its on the page, then used just two of my stamp pads and marked all of the white space around each post-it. Since I had used such large post-its, I didn't have enough space for Jan 1,2 & 3 - so I used post-it page markers for those dates. If this works out (and I hope it does), then I'll get smaller post-its so they will all fit on the two pages.

On this last photo you can click on it to give you a larger version.

I'm excited to see if this calendar works for us. It doesn't fit on the fridge, obviously, but it does fit on the countertop that I cleaned off a few weeks ago. That countertop is near the phone, the pen cup (sharpies, too) the post-its and other assorted note taking items. It might just be perfect.

I'll let you know.

So, there's a little random stuff for you today. Enjoy!!



♥georgie♥ said...

cute cute cute!!!! if you have a bloggy giveaway you could make one of these...I so need a calendar LOL
hint hint

"J" said...

I love it! =)

You need to mark March 4th - OUR WEDDING

April 4th - Texas Reception

April 28th - My B-Day

That is all the dates I can think of for now! =) HE HE HE HE HE