Thursday, January 08, 2009

Looking for photos

I have been looking for my yearbooks from high school and cannot seem to locate them. It is just driving me nuts. Today I spent some time in a garage that we own - it's a few miles away from us at a condo that we rent out. We needed to garage space for storage, so it's quite nice. Not terribly handy but great to have. I thought for sure that the box that had the yearbooks was in the back of that garage. So I hauled everything all over the place to get to the back and it wasn't there. I looked at the tag on every box (or so I thought) and nothing made any mention of yearbooks. I finally grabbed a couple of computer printers that my husband wanted, the two boxes for Christmas ornament storage that I need to get the Christmas stuff down and out of the house and box that said "Paper (Can be long term storage)" I don't think I need to store paper long term - what was I thinking???

We have a closet storage area on the first floor in the condo where we live. I thought maybe I might find that elusive box there. So off I go. I find the Mary Kay brand mascara that I've been looking for...(once again, why is it is in a storage closet??) and my winter gloves and scarves that I wanted to take with me to Michigan in December. I also found this plastic box that was just full of paper. Turns out if was full of photographs and paper.

I found this picture of my sister Alison and I. We went to a BeatleFest event in Chicago. It was 1988 I do believe. We had no idea what to do. she was still in highschool and I was clueless as to the coolness of Chicago, so when we got bored with the BeatleFest people we did the craziest thing --- we boarded the hotel shuttle and went to the airport!

How totally crazy is that??

Well, the best thing that happened at the airport was that we got this picture taken. I just love it. That's my sister, Alison on the left and me, Kristin on the right. Can you believe that there is a 6 year age difference between us? I looked so young then. Now I can believe there's an age difference lol I got old somewhere along the line.

So, I may not have found my high school yearbooks but I did find a lot of really fun photos. Be prepared for some stories and some goofy photos. I've got prom pictures circa 1984 coming in the next few days. It's hysterical.

Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT photo! Was that from one of those little photo booths? It scanned GREAT! You should frame it and send her one!

Kirby3131 said...

Yep, it was a photo booth photo!! Ya know, I should. She'd love it.

"J" said...

HA! I love it!!!! Sounds like a FUN trip!!!!

We grew up near the Houston Bush IAH airport! Back in the day before 911 we would go to the airport and ride the train around from terminal to terminal! One night we were with the DUMB guy and he started rocking the train and it stopped on us!!! We were about to freak out and go nuts on him!!! Thank goodness we didn't get in any trouble!!!!!