Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kristin & Steve 2009

Here are just some fun photos from our lunch on Saturday. Actually, it was our breakfast, but since it was nearly 1pm, we'll just call it lunch.

Here is the new photo of Steve and I - I'll just add it to our "Through The Years" photos - I cut out Kalao in the first one -- but allowed him to stay in this second one here.

We were sitting at the FoxCafe on Ocean Blvd. in South Beach. I'm not sure where exactly this cafe located - but maybe in the 800 or 900 block of Ocean.

This was Steve's lunch. Doesn't it look gorgeous?!! It was salmon with asparagus and rice and of course a little hollandaise sauce. I thought putting the rice in the cups of radicchio leaves made the whole dish look fabulous. I had a steak salad and Kalao had a bowl of soup and a greek salad. Ours looked good but Steve's was exceptional. All of us ate every bite of food.

This was the big draw to this restaurant. All of the drinks were Two-for-One. HOWEVER, Steve was the only one who wanted a drink! This is Steve with his Mojito. He said it was one of the best ones he's ever had. I wouldn't know, I've never had one. He convinced the woman sitting next to us to order a Mojito - she did and she didn't care much for it. I wouldn't have felt too bad about it, except that we found out, too late, that each drink was $30! Who has a Thirty Dollar Drink? Goodness! But she drank her $30 drink and by the end of it she thought it wasn't half bad. LOL Remember I said the drinks were Two-for-One? In South Beach you can get alcohol drinks to go - so thankfully Steve was able to take the second one with us and sip on it for the rest of the afternoon.

That drink, by the way, really is that giant.

I left my sunglasses in the car, that was given to the Valet at the hotel, that I wasn't planning on getting out again until Sunday - so Steve gave me a pair of his sunglasses to use for the weekend. I would never normally wear anything this wild and crazy. But I was with a bunch of goofy boys in a beachy town - no one even noticed.

Hope you have enjoyed the trip, I know I did!



Ruth Ann said...

Love the photos and the sunglasses! I am drawn to wild things like that, but I never have the guts to wear them! I bet you blended right in down at South Beach!

Kirby3131 said...

There were too many other characters in South Beach for anyone to even notice some sunglasses lol

You like wild things, huh? I may need to alter the gifts I'm sending! lol