Tuesday, January 06, 2009

An Affirmation

On the last day of the year of 2008 my page-a-day calendar had on it, what it called, an affirmation for the rest of your life.

I'm all about affirmations. (Funny thing is though, I still haven't gotten down to a svelte 140 and I've had that a part of my affirmation for years!) but still - I love affirmations.

So here is (according to the Secret) the affirmation for a lifetime:

"In the new picture of the coming years, I see my life growing and expanding in everything: in health, youth, and unlimited energy at all times and in all circumstances. I see myself in complete freedom. I see unlimited growth in my personal capacity, mental power, and intellectual brilliancy. I see constant improvements in all the elements of my personality and my body. I see daily growth in my wisdom, understanding, insight, and realization. I see myself in peace, harmony, love, and joy, and I see my character expanding to be stronger and more beautiful. I see the never-ending betterment of friends, associations, and environments. I see myself in everlasting joy and infinite bliss."

That is a pretty great affirmation if you ask me.


Sheila @ Dr Cason.org said...

That's quite an affirmation. I'm going back and reading and saying it tonight before I go to sleep!

Janelle said...

I would just like to stop my body from expanding!!! :-P