Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bad Bad Orbitz

I had a vacation coming, of sorts. In approx 40 muinutes from right now, I was supposed to take my husband to the airport and have an entire week to myself. Last night he discovered that he never got a confirmation on his flight. He got confirmations on his hotel stay and his rental car, but no airline flights.

He's not going.

Orbitz, who was supposed to book the flight, told him that they could indeed get him on that flight for $1100. Like that's gonna happen.

He spent two hours on the phone trying to get everything straightened out.

Orbitz, who never booked his flight, is now charging my husband $140 for the hotel stay because he didn't cancel his reservation before the 14 day cancelation period. I think there was a similar cancelation fee for the rental car, but somewhere along the lines they got that fee waived.

I totally blame my husband for this whole debacle. He should have known back in December that he didn't get his flight when Orbitz didn't send his itinerary. I pace the floor waiting for my confirmation email. He obviously doesn't. However, Orbitz should have done something, anything to remedy the situation better than they did.

The Orbitz customer satisfaction scale is at an all time low. I'd give them a big fat ZERO for still charging my husband for a hotel room he can't use because they never booked his flight. Real bad form folks. Real bad. The only thing the person on the other end of the phone kept saying was, I regret you are not happy. I regret that I must charge you $140 for your hotel stay.

He called the hotel and they said they'd waive the fee. So we'll see how Orbitz handles this today.

I've never had trouble with Orbitz before, but after dealing with Customer No-Service for a few hours last night, I don't think we will be using them again unless they are the last business on earth that can book our flight.

I am so dissapointed. Not only because I lost my week long vacation from my husband, but because he had a seminar to attend and he was going to go skiing. He was going to take a little time off for himself, too.

I'll post a little something more later in the day that isn't so dismal.


Leigh said...

OOOOOOo.....I would sooo be chewing Orbiz out...and allow them to eat all extra expenses. There fault.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the head's up. I depend on customer feedback and reviews for all my big purchasing decisions.

country girl said...

You are so right; couples need time apart. It is a vacation; that's not a bad thing. I'm sorry for both of you. My husband sort of zones out when it comes to confirmations so I can really relate.

"J" said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bad bad bad service!!!! Bad bad bad them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope it gets worked out!!! I hope yall don't get charged the $140!!!! =(

I'm sorry you didn't get your week off!!!!!!