Saturday, February 21, 2009

25th High School Reunion

This is the year of our discontent...Oooh, sorry, I watched "The Goodbye Girl" the other day and I can still hear Richard Dreyfus saying that lol

This is the year of my 25th High School reunion. There is a problem though - no one is planning it. The person who planned it 5 years ago was finally located today and she said she was not going to doing that again. I assumed that was the case since she has always had the reunion info out a year in advance. That's fine with me, but she's been a part of the planning for the past 20 years so she was desperately needed to help.

I think I'm going to be in charge of this thing. Another woman from our class is in it with me, I do believe. She lives in Texas, I'm in Florida and the reunion will be held in Michigan. I think I'm going to need to recruit some helpers.

My dear blogging friends...

Has anyone ever put together a reunion?

Have you ever been to a really great reunion? (what made it great?)

or was there something that was done quite well at an event that you would like to pass along?

Give of yourselves and tell me about the good, the bad and the ugly. If it warrants a blog post on your blog, then by all means do that and I'll link you right up to my post.

This is going to be something that needs to be put together in a hurry of sorts - by the end of summer - maybe August? September at the latest. so we need to move quickly to get this thing organized. Thank goodness for the internet - I think we will be able to email nearly everyone (that we can find) and not have to worry about addresses.

Let me know if you have any words of wisdom for this newbie. I've never organized an event before (except my wedding and my grandmothers funeral.) My wedding I did in about 6 weeks and the funeral, well, those are always short notice -- I guess I'm a glutton for punishment LOL


nottryingforaboy said...

Oh wow. You're brave. I've never organized anything like that before. Good luck!

"J" said...

We have yet to have a reunion for our class!!!!! =(

I'm no help here!!!!


I think you are doing a GREAT thing by taking charge!!!! You are already on that will help!

How many people were in your class????

Do you have a way of getting in contact with the bulk of them?????

Ask Leigh....she just went to her reunion!!!! I think they did a two day thing!!!! Drinks and hung out one night and then the big sh-bang the next night?!?!?

I say come up with as MANY pics as you can from everyone....and do a DVD with music from your senior year!!!!

Kirby3131 said...

Thanks Terri - I'll accept all luck!

Jeannie - We had almost 400 in our class. The person who did the reunion last time has all of the address of those that came 5 years ago - she is sending those to me this week sometime. We have some $$ in a reunion account and I've been given the phone number to the gal who has that checkbook. :)

I went through some stuff I have from the 10th reunion and found about 25 people that aren't on our facebook group. It's coming together!


jb said...

Create a group page on FB...get all of your classmates to join and find others...ask them what they want, where they want it held...Grand Ledge have any big banquet halls? LOL! Good luck on this undertaking, you will shineshineshne as usual, and everyone will have a great time!