Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Members Only

I just saw this on List of the Day it is NOT a PG site. Although they do have a lot of posts that are just fine - overall though - it's not for kids.

Some of their stuff is so funny and this one, this one just took me back. It's a commercial from the 80's. Anthony Geary is in it -- He was Luke on General Hospital, as in Luke and Laura. I used to watch GH when I went to my neighbors house after school, so I know about the Luke and Laura phase, but never really got into it. ANYWAY - watch this video...


"J" said...

That is soooooooooooooooo BAD!!!! Such a TRIP!!!!! lol

Bad hair too!!!! HA!!!!

"J" said...

Today is my Friday!!! Don't miss me to bad over the weekend!!!! =)

I will be back on Monday!!!!

See ya chick-eeeeeee

Ruth Ann said...

Members Only jackets!!!!! That's tooo funny! My friends and I organized a fundraiser in college that was a flea market. Someone donated a Members Only jacket! We all laughed and took turns putting it on! Wow, that brought back memories! And I love Luke's hair from back then! lol
-Ruth Ann

Anonymous said...

You should link this up to Friday Funnies!