Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thinking & Singing

I've been thinking and thinking about what to write today. I've had several ideas and even did a little research on a few things. I asked my mom yesterday if I could use some pictures that she had posted and she said yes...but for some reason I just didn't want to do that post today. That post is about her house in East Lansing and today I'm really feeling Lansing (where I grew up.)

You see... this is what happened.

On Thursday VH1 was running 5 hours of the Greatest 100 Rock Songs. Remember when I mentioned how much I loved my DVR? Well, I recorded all the hours.

I've turned them on and watched several times the past three days. I've danced and sang.

I've sang until they cut off the song - because the shows would be 20 hours if they played the whole song...

So that's when I started going to YouTube to find the songs that I liked best.

And then I start listening to other songs that a particular band did, on YouTube.

It's addictive.

So I'd stop and go do something else.

Then I'd turn back on the show.

I tell you, it's addictive!

When I got to Journey, I was a total goner. I love Journey. I have purchased their Greatest Hits album more times than I can tell you. I've had several albums and several cassette tapes and I know I've owned more than a few CDs.

I used to have a big poster of Steve Perry on my closet door in my dorm room in college. I think his voice is truly amazing. (swoon) I like this video, below, because his voice is just so crisp and clear and you (I) get to see his hair move around LOL

I am such a teenager all of a sudden.

Oooh, I just found this one -- talk about hair! His hair is to the top of his jeans!

I went to YouTube to check out a few more Journey songs when I came across the new front man for Journey. (New as in 2007! I'm a little behind in my music.) Journey went their "Separate Ways" in 1986 when Steve Perry left the band. Journey came back to the music scene about 10 years later with another lead singer. However, what I have just learned is that they found their current lead singer, Arnel Pineda, a Filipino vocalist that they discovered after seeing him perform on YouTube. Seriously! This guy, Arnel, posted videos of him singing Journey songs and when the band lost their previous lead singer someone decided to start looking through YouTube. Can you imagine??

Can you imagine getting the phone call - Hello...I'm wondering if you'd like to be our lead singer...for Journey.

Arnel is amazing. He sounds so much like Steve Perry. Not exactly, but real close. The live versions aren't as clean as the studio sounds I've noticed. Here's a link to something fun, if you know Journey.

The person who mixed this video uses the Original video with Steve Perry, but has replaced the song with one that Arnel is singing. It is truly amazing. See it here.

My first boyfriend in college was a guy that had real long dark hair and a rather large nose...I wonder... :)

Well, my husband is coming home in a few hours and I still haven't finished the list of things I wanted to do. So I'm going to scoot. Enjoy listening to some Journey songs, if you have a few minutes. I don't think I will ever get over 70's and 80's music. It is just in me. forever.



Ruth Ann said...

I love JOURNEY! It reminds me of growing up with my older sisters! Yes, I love Steve Perry's voice! And his replacement...I listened to that video and he is amazing! Sounds ALOT like him! Thanks for sharing! I'm off to bed...I'll be up in another hour and another hour after that until 7:00 am when my husband gets home from work! Then I have him take care of the dog while I get an extra hour sleep! lol Talk to you soon! And thanks for the amazing gifts!
-Ruth Ann

jb parsont said...

and now I come to you..with open arms...born and raised in South Detroit (which is a river)...Oh Sherry!

Leigh said...

I LOVE Journey too! Amazing voice.

"J" said...

I love Journey too!!!! =)

I love 80's "HAIR BANDS" as Leigh would say it!!!! lol