Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stamp Prices

I heard a rumor today -- right from the mouth of a postal employee -- who asked me if I really wanted to purchase 2 rolls of 42¢ stamps. I said yes and then she got really really quiet and said...will you use them up before May?

May, huh?

So, I bought one roll of 42¢ stamps and a couple of books of the Forever Liberty Bell stamps.

She said it certainly isn't a fact, it's just what she's heard.

So I'll believe her.

A few weeks ago I was looking through my files in my filing cabinet and I found this folder marked STAMPS. I cringed, I knew I had a sheet of stamps that I wanted framed or something (it was important at the time) but what I didn't realize is that I had about $50 in stamps in that folder. 33¢, 34¢ and 37¢ as well as several sheets of 1, 2 and 3¢ stamps. I had LOVE stamps from when I mailed out our wedding invitations in 2001, I had a whole sheet of postcard stamps at 20¢ each. So I've been slowly trying to get these used up. I've mailed a couple of packages that needed over $2 in stamps so I'd bring along my big envelope of stamps and use up as many stamps as possible.

If we really are going to have a stamp price increase in May, I want to have all of my extras used up by then. I should have a small supply of Forever Stamps, too - but not too many. I really enjoy stamps. I like to buy new ones each time. I like the arty ones best - but I also really like the Happy Birthday stamps that they had a few years back. I bought several sheets of those at one time.

The stamps at the top of the post, the State Postcard Stamps -- those are the ones that I had the most of in my stash. I loved those. I guess I still do! and I'll be using them up in the next few months.

As you can see, I'm pretty much drowning in stamps. The only reason I bought the roll of stamps was because my husband cannot for the life of him figure out which stamp is the correct stamp to put on his mail. He can't see without his glasses and he never puts on his glasses to put stamps on the letters. He used to holler at me to come put the stamps on -- I've since bought him a roll and that's worked much better. He can now manage it all on his own. I like to stress independence when at all possible.

You folks have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I've been known to line up various increments of stamps on an envelope and have them stretch all the way to the return address.

May, huh? Bummer.

I hope the Amazon and postage allowances go up too. If I'm not careful, I can LOSE money on a book sale due to shipping costs.

Leigh said...

Oh, no.......

I liked those postcard stamps too. I bought some of those.

GUess I will be getting forever stamps from here on out.

"J" said...

I like stamps too!!! =)

That is crazy they are going up again!!! YUCK!!! They just went up!!!! YUCK!!!

I hope you get all your old stamps used up!!!!

Forever stamps seem to be the way to go!!!

Did you hear the post office was talking about closing on Tuesday's?!?!? Because that is NOT a busy day for them?!?!? Crazy!!!!

iMommy said...

I never do anything cool with my stamps... I just get the Forever ones (because I seriously can't remember that it's been changed and then my mail gets returned)... or I mail it priority because I'm worried I'll screw it up :) Those stamps sound cool, though!