Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mom & the Kitchen

It's been a long road of construction for my mother. She's been living in the house as her kitchen has been remodeled and instead of taking just a few months to finish - it has taken nearly six months. I actually helped my mom pack up her kitchen the first week in June of last year.
My sister Hillary loves this house. The joke is that she is going to have to send our mother into a nursing home before she gets to have it for herself. haha She has been unsure as to whether or not she likes the changes to her childhood home but I do think as it's coming together she is growing to like it more and more. I love this picture of my Mom and Hillary.
This is New Kitty. New Kitty is really enjoying all of the construction, as a lot of kitties would. She would get herself locked in a closet for sure, I can just tell. But doesn't she just look adorable hanging out in the new cabinet.

Have a wonderful wonderful week.


Leigh said...

aww. new kitty!

"J" said...

Great pic of new kitty in the cabinet!!!! CUTE!!!! Pretty Eyes!!!!!

You look so much like your sis!!!! Just different hair!!!! =) Yall are both very pretty!!!!!

Your poor mom...I don't know how in the world she is been without a kitchen for that long!!!! I would goooooooooooooo freaking NUTS!!!!! Maybe your sis is making sure the kitchen project takes this long so she can put her into a nursing'm just kidding!!!!! I'm sure it's going to turn out GREAT!!!!

Ruth Ann said...

Sooo cute! I had a cat that looked just like her! Her name was "Molly." Actually it was a male cat...but that's a long story! Have a great weekend!
-Ruth Ann

jb parsont said...

Kitchen looks great! Love the mural, love the timebox, LOVE NEW KITTY!

"J" said...

PS - Hey girlie...
I hope you have a FAB FAB FAB weekend!!!! =)

Even though I WON'T be around....stop by my don't want you to miss anything!!!!! =)

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!! A few days early!!!!!