Friday, February 13, 2009

Paper Eyes

I am in love with a new blog.

I can't even begin to remember where I found it. The creativity is so cool and if I had a child I would love to do some of these things with a kid. I just may have to be my own kid!

The blog is called Color Me Katie.

The picture with Katie sitting next to the trash can is an example. She said that she was carrying around these paper eyes one day and decided to start sticking them on things. Who walks around with paper eyes in their pockets?? Isn't that just fun?!!

You have to see where they put the Here's another fun post - The thought bubble. Oh and while you are over there -- check out her

Have a FABULOUS Friday the 13th!


Leigh said...


jb parsont said...

she is living a life that I envy! How free and creative!

Ruth Ann said...

Thanks for sharing this blog! It is sooo awesome! I wish that I was like her! I would love to be that spur of the moment type of person!