Friday, February 27, 2009

Where do I fit in?

I'm really not quite sure where I fit in.

I read a blog post this morning where the woman listed the categories that are in her reader...

"News," "Blogging," "Craft Blogs," "Food Blogs," and "Mom Blogs" is what she said.

So I started thinking where I fit in.

I am not news. Not as in world news or local news. I'm certainly not political.

Blogging - now I do blog, but I'm not writing about blogging or SEO or ways to get your blog more advertising, which is what I thought this category probably meant.

I do have some crafts in my blog, but no one would mistake my blog as a craft blog.

Same as above for the Food blog - I've posted a few recipes, but not a food blog.

The Mom blog category is where I feel like I fit in most. Mom blogs tend to be musings of the day along with funny things that the kids did. I don't have children, but I do talk about the funny things my cat does and I certainly go on and on about what I thought about or did on a particular day.

After looking over her list again, I bet if I were in her google reader, I'd be in the Blogging category. I bet the blogging section consists of all the miscellaneous blogs that cover a wide range of ideas or specialized blogs that don't need their own section because she follows so few of them.

My Google reader is divided into these categories..."Favorites," "Food," "Decorating," Photography," "NaBloPoMo," "Home," and "Other."

I read my favorites first. I don't have a single unread post in that section for the most part, by the end of the day.

Food is food blogs. Easy as that.

Decorating - now that is a catch all spot. I have wedding blogs, design blogs, crafting blogs and home and garden decorating blogs. (Wedding blogs have lots of great ideas for decorating, gift giving, party planning, etc)

Photography - photography blogs, blogs that have a lot of beautiful photography, portrait photographers and one or two "how to" blogs on how to improve my own photography.

NaBloPoMo - these are blogs that I have found through the NaBloPoMo website. These blogs are supposed to get updated every day as a part of the "rules" of National Blog Posting Month. People sign up month by month. A lot of people signed up for February because it was a shorter month, which I thought was funny. I am attempting to post one thing every day for the entire year. So I will be participating in my own NaBloPoYr .

Home - home is different than my decorating section because it is all about our homes from the spiritual side, decorating, crafts, cleaning, and this is where I put the Mommy bloggers that I follow.

Other - I put all of the new blogs that I am "trying out" before I put them into a category or if the blog isn't updated very often I leave it in other.

I have 85 blogs in my "other" category. Until I love it, it doesn't go into my categories. I also put blogs in the other category as a punishment! If I have had the blog in one of my categories and then for a week or so the blog started going on a tangent that I wasn't happy with (this happened a lot around election time) I moved them to "other" and quit reading them for awhile. I didn't need to read their rantings or whatever it was that I wasn't fond of instead of unsubscribing. If the tone of the blog changed too much for my liking after a few weeks, I unsubscribe.

I have tried to find a niche for my blogging, but I like the spontaneous posting that I do. Whatever is on my mind or has been of interest is what I want to talk about. Last year I wrote up some blog posts in advance and scheduled them to post - so that I could take my own blogging break :) but I really didn't like that very much. When I joined NaBloPoMo in November the rules state that you must physically write something every day. Yes! That's what I liked to do. I just needed a little push to make sure I do it. Officially, I've blogged every day since November 1st, 2008. I'm sure it has actually been longer than that.

So, where do I fit in?

In my own little niche.

Kristin's world, 365 days a year.

How can you put that in a category? haha

Have a great weekend!


Keetha said...

How about an "eclectic" blog??? I think that's where I fit in anyway.

Julie Stiles Mills said...

Eclectic is the EXACT word that came to my mind while I was reading this post. I like it.

nottryingforaboy said...

I think I'm like you. We just blog about what we want, when we want.

My google reader is set up as "reads me", "priorities" and "others". Oh and the Pioneer Woman gets her own folder since I subscribed to each of her categories.

Reads me is self-evident. If you read my blog and comment, I want to take the time to read yours and comment. I might even like you. ;)

Priorities are those I read that don't read me. I still enjoy those blogs.

All others is blogs I might or might not get to on a daily basis or blogs I might not make it a point to comment on.

Kirby3131 said...

I could go for Eclectic! :)

You all are great.


Mrs4444 said...

Hmmm. I wonder which category I'm in (if I'm in your reader, heehee). I know this is going to sound crazy, but I haven't categorized mine at all, and now that I've read your post, I realize i should; it would make me a lot happier. Off I go!

jennifer said...

I am with Keetha - I think eclectic should have a category. I don't know exactly where I fit either but I sure am glad to be in Blogland!

Hope your weekend is nice.