Monday, February 02, 2009

Valentines Day Ideas

I thought I'd post a few links to some valentines ideas I've seen as I've been cruising around blogland.

I've always really enjoyed Valentines Day, but I consider it a family day - not necessarily a couple kind of thing. My parents would give us girls a small gift and we'd all try to find the funniest cards to give each other. We'd usually go out to dinner, too. It was so much fun.

So here are some fun kids valentine ideas and things to do with your kids. I've never tried any of these things, as I don't have any children in the house and my nieces, sadly, live a bit too far away for me to do these projects with them. Let me know ifyou try out any of these ideas.

  • Lots of Valentine Ideas for you and your kids at Nikki and Danny's blog - she calls it All Out Valentines Day.

  • "Quite a few years ago, with funds being very low, I
    came up with a perfect gift to give my hubby. I
    decorated a glass jar with red & white painted hearts.
    I decorated the lid with a red and white lace-trimmed
    fabric. Inside, I placed 52 little white & red notes with ‘Things I love about you’ or ‘Things I love doing for you.’ Every week he could pick out one to start his week right! To this day, it is his favorite gift and he still pulls a note out every now and then." ~ Linda (posted on Creative Frugality)

  • Valentines Day printables - Family Fun

  • Butterflies and suckers make for one sweet valentine - Scribbit
    "Cheesy Valentines" also from - Scribbit

  • Valentines Day Clothespins -- Martha
    heart button covers - Martha
    crayon hearts - Martha

  • Hope you had a Fabulous Groundhog Day!


    Leigh said...

    I LOVE that idea! I much prefer things like that> I have a few books that give ideas similar. I need to see what it is called. It is a great book. I have them for kids and sweeties. I will have ti find and do a post! Great idea and inspiration, K!

    avagdro said...

    Thanks Kirby for sharing your Valentine ideas.Sounds great indeed.Wish you a joyful Valentine in advance.Cheers!

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    Ruth Ann said...

    Thanks for the ideas! I really wanted to make the crayon hearts, but don't think I'll get to it this year! I'll be sure to put it on my list for next year. I did though today make heart shaped grilled cheese for the boys! Hope you're having a great day! Make sure to stop by my blog later and sign up for a giveaway!
    -Ruth Ann