Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day at the cemetery

I did a very devilish thing Saturday night.

I talked someone into something that they didn't want to do, but deep down they really did.

Let me rewind a second.  I was asked by a friend if I would give her sister, Lori, a call.  She was visiting Jacksonville and staying in their house since they weren't there.  Long story short, she said that her sister needed a vacation but was already itching to go home.  She asked me to try to talk her sister into staying in town for a few more days.

I was up for a challenge so I agreed.

Last night Lori to come with us to the Creekside restaurant and met all of the people that were so close to her sister when they were here.  While we were eating dinner and enjoying the music, she kept telling me that she'd love to spend a few days together talking photography and maybe helping me learn a few things.  But she'd always end those conversations with, "...but I'm leaving in the morning."

I truly was relentless.  She had no hope of saying no once I had it in my mind she was staying.

A few hours with me and she was talking herself into staying!

This morning Lori and I headed out for some photographic adventures.  I didn't get a whole lot of learning in because I was enjoying showing her a few places - a cemetery, under a bridge and to lunch with a friend.

At the cemetery, Lori brought out some magnifying lenses and we played around with them a bit.  (I'm going to have to invest in some!)   The little filter makes my lens able to get in close!  Real close!!

Her lenses weren't made for my camera, so it's kind of a shaky photo.  Maybe tomorrow we can set the cameras up on the tripod - after I purchase the filters of course.

I noticed a ton of flowers today all around the cemetery.  I had called my Dad earlier in the day, but after that call I totally forgot it was Father's Day.  It didn't occur to me until later that many of the flowers were for fathers.

The cemetery looked beautiful and I'm so very grateful I was there this day.

This little plot, above, was so interesting.  Flowers, statues, urns, a bench, windchimes, leis...

I've noticed the plot before so I do believe that someone comes regularly to maintain the festive atmosphere.

Many of the headstones had several little statues around their base.  I believe that most of the statues left on this one were left by grandchildren.  It's so sweet and I'm glad that the cemetery allows such items to be left behind.

This angel statue left me very sad though.  He was almost completely buried by the land.  Maybe it was done on purpose to signify death and heaven.   Maybe the nearby tree grew above ground roots by the statue that were covered by the landscapers.  Maybe there isn't any more to this statue.

Whatever the story, it made me think.

I love you Daddy.

I miss you Grandpa and Grandpa.

Have a wonderful week.


Ann in the UP said...

Hm, the angel is a puzzle, isn't it?

I'm fond of cemeteries however, and that one is very festive on Fathers' Day! It would never occur to me to decorate my Dad's grave on Fathers' Day-----I never think of him being there, actually.

Katherine said...

Been ages since I checked out The Goat .. and here I am. Shaky or not, I LOVE that flower close-up. Did you get your filters yet? LOL

jb said...

I cannot wait to show you the graveyards of New are going to lovelove love our slate headstones and art (of which I have many books on) xoxoxoxox
<3 BOb!!!!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is interesting about the lenses. I do love walking around cemeteries. (when no one I know has died recently that is) That little angle is so sweet.