Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh Baby!

I don't think I've shared too many of my baby pictures.  I think it's because I was such a goofy looking child.  My hair was the most unruly mess my entire first year of life.  It's really quite funny.  The above photo was the first professional photo of me, I do believe.  This one, I like :)

My Mom put these photos into my baby book.  I think it's the only year that she did this.  You can click to enlarge it.  In today's digital world, can you imagine only putting in six pictures for a whole year of life?!  I like the simplicity of it, so I'm happy.

Jan 1969 - I was two years and three months old.  We lived just outside of Marquette, MI at KI Sawyer Air Force Base.  They get a lot of snow up there in the UP.  (Upper Peninsula)

May - I'm pictured with the two boys that I thought were put on this Earth to take care of me!  They are my Uncles - Alan and Matthew.    They treated me like a little sister, took me places, let me hang out with their friends, picked on me, dressed me up in their football uniforms and sometimes teased me until I cried...but that didn't stop me.  I would have been by their side every second if I could. 

Sept - I'm standing next my next best friend.  He lived at my grandparents house.  I loved this statue and always wanted my picture taken with him.  I couldn't wait to be taller.

It looks like the next one says Aug, but my birthday is in Oct.   Well anyway, this is the stage when I think I start looking like a cute kid.  My hair has finally stopped being so goofy and my face has gotten out of the baby stage. 

Dec - This is when I received my first set of luggage.  Ahhh, the travel bug hit me very young...three years old.  I guess we had Christmas at my Grandparents house because that's their fireplace and the stocking in the background was my Uncle Matt's, which at some point became mine.  Maybe this was year?  I still have that stocking, too.  I've never had any other. 

So that's me as a kiddo.
I thought after two days of pretty serious talk it might be fun to lighten it up a bit and have a laugh at my baby pictures. 
Have a wonderful day!



jb said...

Where is your best friend now? He is lovely...I know you have other pics of him.
Wonderful your hat in the snow shots!

Mrs4444 said...

AW! What a CUTIE pie you were! Loved these...

Keetha Broyles said...

"What chu talkin' about, Willis???" You were an ADORABLE child!!!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I like what Keetha said and I agree 100%!