Monday, June 27, 2011

Late night musings

I wrote a blog post a long while ago - sometime last year - in a little notebook that I keep beside my bed at night. You know, for those late night inspirations or dream interpretations.  I read through the hastily written pages again today and decided that even though it doesn't stay on the same topic for more than a minute, maybe I ought to type it up.  You folks can finally see what it's like when I start thinking - it's not pretty!!  No wonder I write so much stuff down.  I have to try to sort through the million things I find to be urgent and of course none of it really is.

So here we go.
I'm actually kind of nervous.
This is like reading my journal...


I find it so very interesting that I write on a blog each day.  A blog that I have created. I have been told countless times that I have poor grammar, that I cannot spell and my sentence structure is simple.  My sister read one of my art history essays and about fell over in laughter - it truly was horrible.  I sounded like a five year old.

I like the painting.
The red is pretty.

OK, so it wasn't that bad - I did get an A on it after all. 
My writing is simple that's for sure.  No $10 words from me.  One reason for that is because I'd have to then spell the darned word.  Thank goodness for spell check.

I write my blog posts each day without a plan really.  Sometimes I look through my photos to see if I had taken pictures for a someday story and other times I happen to think of something that interested me and decide to talk about it. 

I prefer to talk about non controversial things because I honestly don't want to have to defend my position.  About the only thing I feel comfortable defending is organ donation and transplant.  And that's probably because I've been immersed in it for the past 5 years.

  I am a Libra through and through.  I can't make decisions without feeling like I didn't weigh the options better.  I don't ever want anyone upset with me and I fall in love with everything that strikes my fancy.  I do believe that one of the number one overused words on my blog is Love.  I love Sharpies.  Oh I love that lamp.  Don't you just love fall?  I saw this lovely piece of pottery.  I love to love.

I was that way with men, too.  I'd fall in love in a moment if he looked at me the right way.  If he was a bad kisser though, that wasn't love.  yuck.  I'd be done with him.

I don't talk politics because I do have a pretty firm stance but I don't really care if you believe the way I do.  I also don't care if you are the complete opposite. I would much rather talk about a billion other things that what those politicians are doing.

I have been to enough open houses, parade homes and fixer upper houses that I do feel qualified to give housing opinions.  Ask me what to offer for the place, however, and it boggles my mind.  I have no idea.  Isn't that what a real estate agent is for?  Give me a cluttered room with hot pink walls and yellow shag carpeting and I can see the space.  Give me a blueprint and I would never be able to find my way out.


I read on someones blog that they thought kids shouldn't have to learn cursive writing.  Gosh, I just can't imagine not writing.  Printing doesn't flow and it certainly doesn't flow with how fast my thoughts come.  I've written this post so far in longhand in a little notebook while I was in bed.  Sometimes it's just easier to think with pen and paper.  The distractions of the world wide web can completely derail this Libra.  I'm thinking that's why I have so enjoyed photography the past few years.  I get out of the hum of the computer and out into the world to see what it has to offer.

I started writing this post because I was honestly trying to figure out what in the world I write about each day.  Was it photography driven or did I actually talk about interesting things?  I wondered if I spoke from the heart enough.  I can be quite passionate but I get so wordy that I believe my passion gets lost.  This post, for example!  I think it's now become a novel.
I'll finish part two tomorrow.  I want to actually keep my readership :0)

Have a wonderful day!


Bettyann said...

Love this one Kristin, yes that over used word.You sound a lot like me and yes I am a Libra too. There are enough things that are controversial, your blogs make me happy, take the reader places and radiate your enthusiasm through your photographs. I am happy to be your friend!!

jb said...

Sweetie, you write because you have to.
You write because you will burst if you do not.
YOu write because, unlike so many of us, you have something to say in a forum that so many of us attempt and quit.
You write because that is what breathing is all about.
You write because you are a writer...

which is not an easy thing to be!

Keep writing, I (and many others) will keep reading!

solo-dancer said...

to be a writer, one must write. And you do. Plus what Bettyann and jb said! love mom

sheila said...

What a WONNNNNNNNDERFUL post! I Love this! I'm horrible on grammar as well... which makes it a nightmare when I write a book. I write like I talk, lol... some people don't like that. But oh well. I love all your short-takes, these are great thoughts!

La Principessa Errante said...

What a wonderful post. I too am a blogging Libra, and just know that some days no one is gonna read my work, because - hey I didn't even find it that interesting. But ohhh do they know the challenge of writing something everyday? I doubt it. Congratulations, you do know that challenge and you rise up to it every day. Thanks for letting others know they aren't the only ones struggling!

Ann in the UP said...

You have no need to question yourself. As Bob said, write because you've gotta write. It doesn't all have to hang together.

I love (hee-hee) the variety of things you find to write about, and controversy turns people off. No need for everyone to agree, but no reason to point it out, either. I enjoyed your rambling.

I'm a Saggitarius----at least, I used to be, and I never weigh and measure what I say. Though I do write and delete occasionally.

Mrs4444 said...

I don't know why you'd question the value of such a post--Perfectly good fragments is what you have there, and your heart shined through.

Maybe my perspective on cursive writing comes from working with kids who just can't do it efficiently; it's just a source of pain for them! :) I used to love to hand-write. Now, though, I don't enjoy it, because it makes my hand hurt!haha