Monday, June 13, 2011

Rain Storm

We had quite a storm this afternoon. The photo above shows what I could see when looking out the window. Pretty much nothing but swirling winds and sheets of rain.

The photos below I enhanced with photoshop so I could see what was really going on out there.

My husband guesstimated that the wind gusts were 60 MPH.
Sheets of rain would come over the condo building. The sheets of rain would come over the buildings in these perfect lines that echoed the roofline.  It was pretty cool actually.

We had some hail pelting the house, but that didn't last but a minute or so.  Tom's truck is parked outside, so he was a little nervous about the hail, but I don't think it came down hard enough.

We had a couple of very close lightning strikes.  The kind that you see the flash and hear the sound at the very same instant.  Yep, those are close.

It's very interesting being in a storm and being able to see the tree tops right out the window.  Being on the 5th floor has it's advantages.

Since we lost power almost immediately we hung out on the screened in patio and watched the storm and later when it passed, read a book.

We are all fine here and the power came back on in a few hours.  Our exciting nightlife of TV and computer time isn't interrupted. 

Have a great day!


Rebecca said...

Wow....the power of nature. It's amazing.

jennifer said...

I love a good storm. The good ones are strong enough to impress but they don't do any damage. Great pictures!

Lisa said...

We have been getting a lot of storms like that this year. For awhile it was almost a daily event. Thankfully, Miss Megan sleeps right through them if she is already in bed. If she is awake, she doesn't seem bothered by them either. Me, on the other hand, I hate the really windy ones. The lightning, thunder, rain, I can live with. The wind is the deadly and dangerous part of it all.

Jean said...

Those pictures are amazing! That must have been some storm!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was a strong storm. Now was this before or after the fires?