Sunday, June 12, 2011

from helium to dress up clothes

Holy smokes it's 12 minutes to midnight and I haven't written a word. 

What does this mean anyway?

Actually it's very interesting as I have been thinking of blog posts all day.  Different photos to use, topics to discuss, very personal deep down feelings on a few things and yet nothing has made it here.

I helped put together some furniture today, thought about my friends flying across the US to their home and had the sudden urge to inhale helium and sing a song. 

Speaking of songs a local station had a 70s weekend and I have enjoyed every single song.  It made me feel like a kid again.  I used to sit out on the front steps of our house when I was in kindergarten and first grade and sing to the radio.  When we moved from our duplex to the house, I would sing and dance in the basement or in my bedroom, but at the duplex I sat outside. 

I have fond memories of that duplex.  I sold lemonade once or twice and I specifically remember selling rocks.  I think I had a few buyers, too, as I recall.   My neighbor friends would come over to our place and we'd have dress-up plays in the back yard.   I've always said that I never had any toys when I was growing up (and that isn't completely true, but I didn't have a lot compared to other kids) but I had the very best dress-up bin of anyone.  None compared to it. 

I often wonder how I can have so many memories from Kindergarten and First Grade.  I was 4 and 5 years old, but I have hundreds of memories from that duplex.  As soon as Alison was born and we moved to the new house, my memories are not as clear.  I never really thought of that before, until just now. 

Well, I loved Alison to no end, so it's all good.  I guess I am the type of person that can only remember things when I am the only one getting the attention!

It's 12:01 so I'd better publish this before it gets too far into the next day. 
Thanks so much for staying with me while I did a bit of free association. 
I just wish I had a few photos to share.

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jennifer said...

Love this. It feels like we are sitting down chatting. 12 minutes to midnight is a good time for you.