Tuesday, June 07, 2011

He's a sicky

My husband is sick so he isn't the happiest man on earth. 

This is the conversation we had about dinner tonight.

Me: I've made a salad.  Would you like to have a salad and pork chops for dinner?

Him: Noooo.  I don't think I'll ever eat again.

Me:  If that's the case, then I'm just going to eat the salad in about 10 minutes.  I'll save the pork chops for tomorrow. You're sure you don't want anything?

Him: I'm sure

(Ten minutes later as I'm walking into the kitchen)

Him: What did you say we have for dinner?

Me: Pork chops and salad.

Him: I'll have that.

Me: *fake smile* OK - great!  I'll put those in then.

(Pork chops are done and I've put two slices of really great bread into the toaster)

Me: I've warmed up some bread.  Do you want yours warm or actually toasted?

Him: I don't want any.

Me: None at all?

Him: None.

Me: Oh good!  That means I get two pieces.

Him: Well then, I want mine toasted.

He ate every bite.

Hope you're having a great day!


Keetha Broyles said...

In my experience, hubbies (even or possibly ESPECIALLY medical ones) are BABIES when they are sick.

I'm just sayin' - - - -

Bettyann said...

I have got to say that sounds like the Budster all the time, he says no before he says yes! Hope Tom its feeling better so the poor guy can eat!

Rebecca said...

Isn't the man cold the worst thing ever in the history of everything? I sometimes feel like saying "Good Grief! Just suck it up!"

Ann in the UP said...

Hahahahaha! I once had a spouse who'd say things like, " Another guy had a cold like mine, but he died."

He wasn't a wimp about read pain though, he'd just pass out.

lisleman said...

Maybe his illness has slowed down his brain response time. Maybe I just want to stick up for the guy.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry he's not feeling well. It's not easy being around a sick man!

Lisa said...

At least he made a decision. Mine has standard response of "i don't care". So I make all the dinner decisions. Some nights its cereal... and I don't care! ;)

Caution said...

I always get the "I guess" response. Wonder if it would be the same if I announced that I would never again cook a meal.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Did he live through dinner? I'd have been tempted to kill him!

Emily said...

Things are a bit tougher at our house, since we are both chronically ill. It usually comes down to a fight over whomever is less sick has to do the chore!