Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Corkboard transformation

This cork board was not working for me.  I had everything off of it before I thought about blogging about it - so there is no before shot, but just imagine stuff tacked up.  I had pared down the quantity of stuff months ago, but I still never looked at it.

If I wanted this board to work for me, I needed to enjoy looking at it.  I decided that all I really needed to do was to change the color of the background and I had an easy idea.

So I cut off a bunch of small strips of blue painters tape and lined them up along the side of the board.

And I started taping up pages from an old book.  Don't worry, the book wasn't valuable as reading material. 

Here is the whole board covered in pages.

The top row I taped the side that was covered up and then placed a map pin at the top of the page.

Then I placed a few items back on the board.  It's my Vision Board, so I need to actually put the things I want to focus on in my life, up on the board - but since I wanted to take a picture of the board with stuff on it, I just added a few things.  The Hello Kitty coloring book pages and the sticker envelope are from my nieces :)

I really need a storage solution for those plastic leis.  I've used them several times at our monthly potluck, so I'm not throwing them away.  Maybe just a clear box with a lid?  That might be the easiest.  Any suggestions?

I like this board so much better now.  I might put a ribbon around the edges, but I really like the simplicity of the background.  It's not dark, it has texture but it's not distracting.  I now notice the board when I walk in that room, as opposed to never seeing it before.  I think a vision board needs to be seen in order for it to do its magic.

Do you have a space that has been needing a change?  A one dollar book from a thrift store may completely change the way you feel about your space.  It sure did mine!

Have a great day!


Karen and Gerard said...

This seems like a lot of work. In my opinion, a plain background is much better. It makes the things posted stand out more. Just sayin'.

Lisa said...

Ok, I am going to say it. And forgive me if I've said it before, but it bears repeating.

You..... are freaking Martha Stewart.... only BETTER! You're much nicer and you would never land yourself in jail! ;)

I am constantly inspired by your creativity, the beauty you see in everyday things and the ideas you come up with! I need an idea board just to keep up with all your great ideas, so I am very grateful for your blog. I have no doubt, that I will reference it many, many times when I gain free time again and can tackle some fun projects!

Thank you.. for being YOU!