Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What the left hand does

One of the many things I have learned over the years is that once a body part has been hurt, you discover how much you use it!

My left elbow has been giving me some trouble.  I sleep with my left arm under my pillow and I strained it a few months back.  It wasn't a big deal, but every so often I could feel a strain.  Last week I must have slept in the same position for hours and hours and the elbow joint and muscles finally gave out.  The elbow might have been slightly dislocated, but the muscles and tendons were stretched beyond their limits.  For the first few days I thought just babying the arm would help, but I finally went to the Chiropractor and he worked on it quite a bit.  He said it will take a few weeks to get my range of motion back.  

I'm a righty, so I thought it would be no big deal to have a tender left arm.  I mean how often do I use my left arm anyway?  OH BOY!  I use it a lot.

I've discovered that my left arm is the work horse of the two arms.  For example, I haul around a bucket, well that's what I call it, to take everything I use or purchase during the day and haul it from my car to my 5th floor condo.
I use the bucket in the grocery store, flea markets, thrift stores, anywhere I go.  I've discovered that my right arm has no idea how to pull the bucket.  My left arm understands how to steer it in a crowd and basic maneuvering skills, while the right arm is clueless.  My left arm closes the car door, takes change and merchandise at a drive thru, is the main arm used in driving.  My right hand gathers up items and arranges the items in my left arm.  So the left arm ends up holding everything, while the right arm and hand is free to do??  I have no idea!  My left hand holds the phone to my left ear, which is the only ear that I can use on the telephone.  (I've never understood that, but that's the way it is.)  Thankfully my right hand brushes my teeth and feeds me, although flossing my teeth has been nearly impossible this past week.

I'm actually a pretty good sleeper - once I get to sleep I can sleep 8 hours no problem - but I do go to bed quite late.  I sleep on my back for most of the night, but in order to get to sleep, I have a specific ritual and that involves my left arm under the pillow and the left side of my head snuggled into the pillow.  Getting out of that routine is so hard.  I've been pulling another pillow up on my cheek while I'm on my back, just to pretend that I'm sleeping on my side! 

I have a new found respect for my left arm and I will not take it for granted anymore.  However, it can heal up quickly and I wouldn't mind at all. 

I hope everyone in the US has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. 


Ann in the UP said...

Ain't that the truth. I am mostly ambidexterous, but write with my right hand, so have to listen with my left ear on the phone. But my right shoulder is achy and it's a drag how many actions that affects. I know just what you mean.

Hope you recover quickly!

qandlequeen said...

I've managed to screw up my hand while sleeping. Evidently I clench my fists and have screwed up my thumb. I'm currently recovering from my latest bout of clinched fists. Get well soon!