Monday, November 14, 2011

Emily's Holiday Guide

by Emily Henderson

To say that I was shocked to find out who put this guide together is an understatement.  Emily Henderson won one of the HGTV Next Design Star seasons and I wasn't sold on her.  I have seen a couple of her shows on HGTV and I have found them to be pretty good, but I haven't been a consistent watcher.  When I found the link to the guide and Oohh'd and Aahh'd over nearly every page, I would have never put Emily's name on the project.  I will pay a lot more attention to her now. 

I linked this up on Facebook and one of my sister's said "Well that might just be the best gift guide I've seen in my whole life. Fun fun."  High Praise coming from someone who is one tough customer.

Go ahead, flip through the guide.

Everything in the book is clickable and will take you to the page you want and you won't lose the page you were on in the guide.  (sometimes it's the little things that make me happy.)

A range of prices are included for all ages.

DIY ideas and free printables.

I already have a pretty nice list of items that I would love to give or receive.
I may not give any of them but at least I've got some ideas in my head!
It's good to be a step ahead that's for sure.

The photos are just a few of the fun things in the guide, with links to the source.

Have a great day!


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That was fun, I can't wait to go through it again! Love the balloon dog bank.