Sunday, August 31, 2008

25 years ago - give or take a few months

25 years ago, give or take a few months, my best friend Steve and I got into the car and drove to Joe Louis Arena. Steve's friend had won tickets to a Lionel Richie concert on the radio a few days earlier and decided that Steve and I would have a lot more fun. He was right.

I got dressed up, as cool as I could possibly get. I was SO uncool as a teenager...but I do remember the torture I went through to find some sort of outfit that would help me to blend in with the other throngs of people going to the concert. I cannot remember at all what Steve was wearing. Sorry Steve! lol

I drove. I always drove when Steve and I were together. Actually, he might not have been 16 yet - well anyway, I drove.

I managed to make it to the arena without incident. I followed the signs, drove right there.

Lionel Richie's concert was incredible. I remember how he arrived on stage - a silver sparkley piano came out of the floor and started turning. Lionel Richie was on that piano. It was the grandest entrance I had ever seen. It was the best concert ever!! Steve and I danced and sang and danced and sang.

The concert ended and we left.

That's when I got lost.

I couldn't find my way to the expressway. I drove around and around and around until I saw a Denny's restaurant. I pulled in, hoping to get some directions. I walked in and immediately went to the first person I saw and said "I'm lost." He said - "You sure are honey."

Detroit wasn't known for being extra friendly at that time and in that area of town, but I got directions and a scolding (Get out of here, quickly, he said) and Steve and I were on our way back to Lansing.

I have been watching a few hours of the "80 hours of 80's music" on VH-1 Classics this weekend. Lionel Richey was just on and it brought about this recollection. I love how that happens. I think I'm going to call Steve tomorrow...He'll remember that night.

This is Steve and I taken last February.

Have a great day!


Leigh said...

AWWW! Yes, call Steve! I love how life sometimes gives you little Steve.
Did you "Dance on the ceiling"? WHo cannot love Lionel? And he is a great performer/entertains the crowd. Great spirit and humor.
My favo LR song, "Easy Like Sunday Morning"...

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

Those clothes were HILARIOUS! Was Nicole Richie even born then??? :)

Kirby3131 said...

Steve reminded me today that the opening act for Lionel Richie was Tina Turner! He loves Tina, so of course he remembered that part. It was her comeback tour.

He also remembered that we had an illegal beverage in our car. I don't remember that! Well, illegal to us, anyone over 21 could have it - just not in the car. We drank it all, he says, before the concert. So I was totally sober for the drive home.