Sunday, August 10, 2008

Opening Ceremony

I finished watching the Opening Ceremony last night. Boy do I love my DVR. I was able to forward through all of the commercials & pause it and stop it and rewind.

I loved the ceremony. I loved the drummers in the beginning. I had to laugh when the commentator said that the drummers were told to look less scary looking, so they tried to smile more. The funny thing to me was all of the dark hair. I guess I am so used to the United States - black, red, white, grey, brown and blonde hair all together.

My absolute favorite part of the ceremony was the boxes. I watched that one twice. I was shocked when it was revealed that there was a person under each box. I heard today that those people worked 8 hours a day on the routine and as they got closer to the Opening Ceremony, their hours were extended.

I watched the routine the first time thinking that it had to be computer controlled and then at some point, I thought I saw feet. I was in awe.

These little lit up green guys were a hoot. Just a few days before the Opening Ceremony these outfits were black, but the overall vision was not working with everyone in black, so they were changed to green. In three days 2008 new outfits were constructed. Oh dear.

It took me two days to watch the ceremony. It was totally worth it.

I love the Olympics.

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

i love love loved this opening ceremony! It was just beautiful! My fav was the tai chi masters. they kept PERFECT circles as they ran around. The boxes blew me away too. :)