Saturday, August 09, 2008

Allergy Update

I just awoke from a nap.

2 hours of solid, put lines in your face from the pillowcase, rock hard sleeping, nap.

Last night I slept from 1am (I was watching some of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics on the DVR) until 5:30am. Then I fell back to sleep at 7am until 10am. This is going real well.

I think I am going to adjust the time that I take the evening allergy tablets. They seem to work real well, but only have a 6-8 hour window keeping my nose fairly clear. (this is only day two though) I'm gong to take that tablets as I'm heading off to bed, so maybe I can avoid that middle of the night awake period.

Have you ever fallen asleep so hard that you don't move the covers? I know I've had a really long hard day or haven't gotten much sleep lately if that has happened. Well, it happened during the 1-5:30 sleeping time.

crawled into bed
layed on my side for a second
went to my back

Even the cat was still snuggled up next to my leg when I woke up
We are all very thankful for me getting sleep.

I will continue to update on the allergy medication because it seems important.

Have a great weekend!


Dr. Cason said...

Have you tried a neti pot?

Kirby3131 said...

Yep, sure have. I still use it when I can. Thanks!