Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On the Water

My husband and I are so different. Sometimes I wonder what in the world got us together in the first place! He was in law school when I met him. I was working in the coffeehouse that my Mother owned, called The Dancing Goat Coffeehouse, The Goat for short. I loved the place so much, I named my blog The Goat.

Our Coffeehouse was right across the street from the law school, so we got a lot of those students. Poor folks, they always had such sad, sleep deprived eyes towards the end of the semester.

Tom was totally different. He actually was from our town, rather than a person just there for school. He was loud, fun, annoying, funny, and interesting. One of the other students told me that he was "Rude, Crude and Socially Unacceptable." Can you believe that? It totally hooked me. LOL He had some really great law school friends, though, really great. He was not a morning person and he had a class at 8am. We were his first stop before class. I worked mornings and when he came in, I made it my job to pick on him. He was just so grumpy and I just couldn't have that! So it was my job to pick on him enough to make him come back after class. It worked I guess lol We've been together since 1994.

(That certainly was the fast version of our story)

We still didn't have a whole lot in common and he still drives me batty, but in a good way, most of the time. A few of the things that he loves, I do not. He likes boats. He likes living on the water. He would love to live on boat, oh Lord, unless it was a large cruise ship, I'm not into that.

This past week Tom has been hanging out on a boat. His friends boat. He had a blast. I am just so glad I wasn't there! He is a whole lot less grumpy when he's hanging out on a boat, listening to music with his friends. Every time he called he had a song in his voice. It was so nice to hear.

This entire story came about in my head because of this website - Island Homes. I stumbled upon this website and thought about how one of these places might just be my husbands ultimate dream home.

He'd be living there by himself, but maybe that would make it even more ultimate! Nawwww, he'd miss me too much. I'd be across the water, living in my beach house, NOT on the beach.

Have a great day!


Leigh said...

You cannot know how bad I want an island home!!!!
Hey! Maybe one day we'll be neighbors.

And off the subject, I see you live in JAx. My MIL lived for a long time in Jax Beach. OH! How I miss it. Actually Ponte Vedra but when we visited we would stay at the Comfort Inn in Jax (with the rock in the pool). One of my all time, hands dwon favorite restaurants is Marios by Pablo Theater. BEST Italian food I have ever put into my mouth!

"J" said...

What a cool story!!! I would LOVE to live in the beach! I would rather live on the beach than the lake...I think? I don't know though? I've never really lived on the beach so I can't say?!?!? I do love the sand! I love the waves, I love the sounds the water makes!

What I don't not love is storms!The hurricanes!!! =( No way! I could NOT deal with that!!!!!

I see Leigh one of my blog buds came over to hang out! She is sooooooooooooooo cool! She is a major beach lover!!!

"J" said...

PS - I love the way you met hubby! You sound so much like me! I would have gave him a HARD time too! LoL

I use to be the morning waitress at Dixie Cafe! That is where I met my ex-hubby! His dad and step mom owned the place! He would come in there and just eat and not pick up after himself! I gave him SUCH a hard time and told him he was spoiled to have a wait staff and a cook! That he needs to get his own drink and put his own dishes away! lol =) Needless to say we were together for 8 years married for 5 of those years! We married way to young! He started getting into body building for NO REASON and started using steroids! That is where we ended it!!!! He is a good person we just weren't good together! Ya know?!?! I'm thankful for where I am in my life! Everything happens for a reason!

Leigh said...

And I think J is sooooo cool. We's luv each other...

and yes I am a HUGE beach lover/future fulltime beachbum.