Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Wave

I was talking with a friend yesterday and I told her that my husband was coming home in a few days. He's been gone for a little over two weeks. I've watched movies he wouldn't like to watch, I've watched TV shows he doesn't like. I watched almost every hour of the Olympics that I could handle. I slept on the couch, I made dinners that only I enjoy and I spent one entire day in my pajamas. I had a really great vacation at home. I didn't just watch TV, either, I read some, I was on the computer a lot and I did quite a bit of walking. (just in case you all were worried that I became embedded in the couch!)

I went on to tell her that I was ready for him to come home. I needed someone to talk to. The cat just wasn't listening much anymore. I'd already talked to the walls, not like Shirley Valentine, but I was jabbering at anything in the house.

I know I've been alone for a long time because the boredom dork in me was coming out.

I was doing the Queen's wave in the house. I waved at the TV, the couch, my reflection, the cat, the bedroom - I waved at everything.

I was perfecting my wave each time, too.

Next time I'm called up to sit on the back of a car and wave to crowds of people, I'll be ready!

Have a great day!


Rachel said...

You're the rockin'ist queenlike waving, talking to yourself in accents, pj wearing nut that I know. Thank goodness we are friends. Otherwise, I'd think you were a wackadoodle. LOL Big Hugs Kribs.

Kirby3131 said...

Rachel - It never occurred to me to post this until you mentioned it. I forget that most of those folks out in blogland have NO IDEA, how much dorkiness I put in my life! LOL

The Momster said...

I love this - that is just too hilarious!