Sunday, August 17, 2008

Knives and Bandaids

I love my knives. I've had my set of knives, Cutco Knives, since about 1996. I have a set that looks an awful lot like this set pictured...the classic set, brown handles.

The pearl set just wasn't my style. It looked too girly LOL

So these knives have served me real well the past 12 years, but this past year I'd really noticed that they needed to be sharpened. REALLY. I was using the knives inappropriately, I was not cutting properly anymore. I was being really casual with my knives and not giving them respect because they had lost their edge.

So I sent them off to the Cutco sharpening center for the super duper professional sharpening service that comes with the purchase of the knives. It cost me $9, plus the cost to ship them to the company. I think that's a great deal.

I really should send them back more often, much more often.

So we got the knives back and immediately needed to go out and buy some bandages. Those babies were SHARP!!!

Before losing any more blood, I decided to go back to the "Respect the Knife" usage. I actually got cut three times just washing the darn things.

Just a few minutes before my husband left for his trip to Michigan he grabbed a knife to cut off the top of a package and skewered himself. Another bad habit from using dull knives. Thankfully he didn't have to rush to the ER for stitches, but I think he probably should have. I just bandaged him up real good and sent him on his way.

I came home today with a box of fingertip bandages. I haven't needed them in a week, but I figure those work best for the little nicks on the ends of my fingers.

I have always put the knives in my dishwater on the exact same side, each and every time - but my method of grabbing the knives needs to change. The first few days that we had the new knives, I had three cuts. Thankfully all minor.

Be careful when handling knives. Always respect the knife blade. Always use your knives properly and take my advice -- keep your knives sharp and you will never have a chance to disrespect the knife.

Have a Great Day!


Denise said...

Hmmm, a works for me Wednesday on a Sunday! I saw another one in here too! R E S P E C T! (was that on the 70s list?)

Anonymous said...

Chain maille gloves sound in order.

(and yes. I had to look that up to learn how to spell it.)

p.s. ready for some wind.

Kirby3131 said...

Denise - The WFMW gal has been on vacation all month, so my tips have to go out as just regular blog posts.

JSM - you're going to get the wind before me, as I recall... I'm ready. I live on the 5th floor, it's gonna be interesting. and for the record, I had to look up chain maille to know what you were talking about! (OK, I was right, but still I had to look it up LOL)

"J" said...

Wow! That rocks! Those must be really great knives! I need some really good knives! I have a few j henckels knives but not a set! Knives are NOT cheap!