Thursday, August 28, 2008

He's Home

My husband is home.

He looks good.

I hope that means he had a fairly relaxing trip.

I know I did!

It was real nice to have him home after almost three weeks away.

The cat, however, still has not given him the time of day.

After he changed clothes and relaxed a bit, I asked Tom to please go through his bags and take out all of his dirty clothes. Usually this happens in the middle of the living room - he just opens up the suitcases and starts pulling out trashbags and hotel laundry bags of clothing, then closes his suitcase and walks away. The suitcases could live in this place for weeks, if it were up to him.

This time...this time! He took the suitcases into the bedroom. Handed me all of the bags of clothing, then proceeded to unpack the suitcases and put them away.

I about fell over.

I didn't even have to suggest that he might want to unpack real quick.

I didn't have to suggest he help me put the suitcases away.

He just put them away.

I said Thank You several times out loud...and several more times to myself.

Thank You, Tom.

The next thing...

I mentioned to Tom several hours before he got home that there was an issue with the ball float in the toilet tank in the master bath. I had purchased all of the supplies needed, but was a bit nervous about installing it myself. I asked if he could do it or would do it. He said yes. Not a problem.

I still assumed that it was going to be a real hassle and he was going to be really grumpy about fixing it, especially after having driven for 8 hours.

After he unpacked his suitcases he fixed the problem in the toilet tank. He needed to replace a whole section of the fittings and it took about 30 minutes, but he wasn't the least bit grumpy or upset.

I love that he took several weeks off.

I really enjoyed this guy that came home tonight.

Welcome Home Tom!

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