Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Free Hugs

This video is not new. I saw it on Oprah a few years ago and I cried. It was just so neat how something as simple as a hug can be so moving, inspirational, heart warming and the list goes on. I just ran across this video again today and thought I'd share it. The music is kind of loud, so be prepared when you click play.

I last a full 30 seconds before I burst into tears.

I live in condo building with a lot of retired folks. My neighbors Jim and Virginia are in their 80's and Virginia has been having a lot of health problems the past two years. I'm always a little nervous when I see that the newspapers haven't been picked up in the morning, in front of their door. I tend to check in on them a few times a week. The other day I met them in the elevator and they were on their way to the Emergency Room because her pulse was really low.

Today I knocked on the door and before she said anything, I gave Virginia a big hug. The newspapers had been picked up the past two days, but I hadn't heard a sound from their side of the hallway. She had a bad reaction to some medication - she'll be just fine.

Then I saw the hug video today.

Today is all about hugs I guess.

Have a great day!


texasholly said...

So glad things across the way are good for your neighbors. I love the hug video.

Thanks for stopping by!

"J" said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you are so sweet!!!!


I'm like you...
I use to live in an apartment and right across the hall was an older couple! She still worked but he was a retired teacher and he had some health issues! They were such GREAT friends of mine! They watched out for me and I watched out for them!!!! I miss Tom and Judy!!!! =( I moved out and went to another complex (STUPID ME) because we hate it and the people! But I was checking with an old friend to see if they were still there and he said they moved!!! =(

Denise said...

To be perfectly honest, i might resist a free hug from a stranger too, especially on a city street, but it was wonderful to see that not everyone is as cynical and uptight as i am. thanks so much for sharing, and here's a free {{{Hug}}} for you, my friend!